The description that is supposed to be "about me":

You can call me: Tai, Katana, or Sendo.
My username used to be Tshataie, But I changed it.
Yes, I like video games. Yes I have a PS3 and PS4.
No, I will not join your roleplay, I only join those of who I want to.
Feel free to message or comment.


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White Harmony

Report | 05/07/2018 3:24 pm

White Harmony

random comment but name a song~ yum_puddi
White Harmony

Report | 12/25/2016 11:11 am

White Harmony

Just stopping by to wish you a merry christmas Tai~
hope you have a fantastic day emotion_bigheart

Report | 03/11/2016 1:00 pm


Hi, Twinny! I'm sorry for my late-responses. School and life are busy. Thank you for still taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me too, though. ^ w ^~ I'm going to add you on FB after this and message you~!

I'm glad you like your Mini Cooper. I think Jukes and Mini Coopers are distant cousins. xD
Ooohoo~ Twinny likes older men. ;D Well, when I was younger, I pondered relationships with big age differences (while I myself dated 4 and 5 years up, aha~), but in the end, it comes down to those individual people and love. Your ages don't matter, to you or anyone else, as long as you two are happy. That's all that matters, and I'm glad you don't listen to negative opinions. ^ ^~~

You should like a good social media guru for your university. * u *p I do hope that over the summer you'll have a bit more relaxation time and can get back to your hobbies, such as art.
And what your philosophy teacher said is quite interesting. *0* You have plenty of time to figure out your career, so it's all step by step, and ultimately up to you. ^ ^
In my eyes, the best and most successful life is one in which you are happy. ^ ^

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I really enjoy school. I think it's a lot of fun (and work... and stress, here and there... everywhere xD).
I'm hoping to transfer to a university though, as I love my JC, but I think a university definetlty has more opportunities.
My friend is trying to persuade me towards San Francisco State, which would be awesome (I really love California's big cities!), but it's probably super expensive.
They're getting a lot of budget cuts too; she just told me she's been on quite a few strikes. Anywho... I should go to Twinny's college. ^ w ^ Stalk you there.

Ooh, a mini cooper~ I just looked it up, and it looks like my boyfriend's and my car (2014 Nissan Juke)! x'D We're car twins.
Man, this is making me realize how much I missed talking to you. ToT <3 Aww, you met your boyfriend through work too? How did you first meet? I'm glad you're happy with him. ^ ^
We must be working women if it's leading us to our man. x'D

Woah, Twinny, that is still a lot of work. Trust me, it doesn't sound like "not very much." o .o
That's so cool you're working and going to school, you should feel proud.
What's it like working in social media?

Do you still post on DA? I haven't been on it in ages. * .*;;
Oho~ criminal justice. * 0* What do you want to do? Be a lawyer? A detective? A judge?! *0*
Are you still interesting in writing and publishing?

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My year off in was a lot of fun. ^ w ^ Although at the January and February mark, I started freefalling a little too much. However, I got a promotion in work!

I worked at the local cafe where I lived (moved out to the small city). First I was a buser, but the night-shift waitress needed me to cover a work-week for her in the summer, so she started training me. I liked it and the money was good, but then we started to not get along as well and it made the work a lot more stressful. The cafe was small, but the staff consisted of two waitresses, a cook, and a dishwasher. We, the waitresses, were on our own with seating, drinks, service, grabbing food, plating soup, making desserts, cleaning tables... ugh, and more stuff. It was stressful in the busy summer. x . x One night I made $150 in tips though. :'D But I'm happy I quit for school... it would have been too much to stay.

I also traveled to London, Paris, and Dublin during the work vacation. My job also introduced me to my boyfriend, Giovanni. :'3 So a lot of good came from the gap year and job itself.

What car did you get? * 0 *~ Yes, I got a car with my boyfriend. All the negotiating is extreme, but at the end of it, the workers said we came in asking all the right questions and did good. * 0*
How often do you have to work? What do you do for the FB page? That's cool, you're a social media master... I get that it's timeconsuming though. Do you still do art? I hope so, you're so talented. ^ ^ What is your major?

I have a Skype. biggrin Messenger is easier for me though, since I don't have a lot of free time to sit at my computer, but with Messenger, it's on my phone, so I can chat almost whenever. ^ ^~ As well as procrastinate... which is bad. ^ ^;;

You still didn't message me your FB name!

Report | 02/26/2016 4:45 pm


Aw man, so I missed voting for you? ; o; Well, good job! ~claps~ Go Twinny!

I took a year off to rest and work. I also had it in my head that I would go to trade school instead of junior college or university, and doing so could support my writing career. To some extend, my thinking was rational, but massage therapy (what I was going to go into) was extremely time-consuming and would more so take-up my time then make money and time for writing. Sooo... here I am! ^w^

Woohoo! ~double highfive~ Twinny and I are both freshman! That's cool you work on campus. I want to work too, but I still don't drive, and I want to devote myself completely to school, so I can transfer and then get going with my career (I'm currently at a junior college, but thinking of transferring this Fall... if I get everything in order fast enough). Do you like your work? That's cool, you have so much power... YOU control the face of the school, muwahahaha. >:^D

Yay! You have a FB!!! I can't wait to bother you at 1AM with stickers. 8DDD

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New Twinny fact. *q* Your avatar looks so good! Maybe you can participate in a Runway competition!! That would be awesome. ^0^

I'm busy with school too! I thought I messaged you back, but I think I got distracted because of homework. ToT Are you in college now? I took a gap year, so even though I could have been a sohpomore, I'm a second-semester freshman. College is pretty fun, my opinion has changed. : D Hard work, definitely, but fun too. You said you're working? What is your job? *0* That face makes me look like an intrigued stalker.

Twinny do you have a FB? I know I've asked before, but if you did we could talk more with Messenger. TwT<3 You have to make one. ~shakes shoulders~ You just gotta.

Report | 02/24/2016 7:09 pm


Thank you! I love your new avi, it's very cute. Although it's so different! Are you a fan of pink now? x'D

How have you been, and what are you up to?

Report | 02/23/2016 7:50 pm



~hugs~ Thank you! I kind of just threw it together for a Runway opportunity. x'D

Aw, I saw your status. I miss you so much, and I'm happy to hear from you!

Happy 2016!!
^ 0 ^/

Report | 01/01/2015 9:15 pm


Happy New Year, Twinny! ^ ^~
I wish you the best for 2015.


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