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my profile is in loving memory so is this video

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My name is Keyaunte Knox I am 19 years old. Sense i was little i have gone by Kago and sense i was Fourteen i adopted the nickname Aki or Akihiko. I have an IQ score of 142 and a temper that's over 600. I'm from less than humble decent both of my parents and sisters have been have been mixed up in Gangs Drugs and prostitution. I don't have a perfect family but i love and carry them any damn way. I try to stay as friendly as possible and i have some views about the world that people may disagree with. And i accept the way they feel if they feel I am wrong. Its their right. I lack allot of things weather its people skills, self control, or just can't take the pressure of being relied upon by my entire family. Take my word for it shits not easy. I enjoy having the friends i do trust to talk to even if they don't enjoy me. I can be a pushover towards allot of things and may just agree to things to end the conversation. I enjoy role playing and I have a tendency to ask or receive awkward questions. personally i don't mind answering them, but if an awkward question comes to mind I will tell you if its alright if I asked it not just blurt it out. Before anyone judges me I have to say yes Like all people i have sinned i'm not a perfect person. I doubt gods existence for my own reasons i don't give a flying ******** about facts or proof or the book known as the holy bible. But the difference is I don't prance about like i have no Sin. i know my Wrong doings and short comings. i don't need your input on my short comings I have very few friends that i actually talk to and even fewer that actually know or like me. Don't get me wrong i'm very generous and I love helping people but i don't like to be around people when i'm in no mood for bullshit.

All you stalkers are getting out of me for now.


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xXFallen_NitexX Report | 03/02/2016 11:07 pm
A wardrobe change yes. If I recall we have iAsianSushi as our mutual friend but I could be wrong. Its been years.
xXFallen_NitexX Report | 03/01/2016 10:35 pm
Been forever since I've seen you online. Do you still remember who I am?
Treehinko Report | 08/12/2013 2:02 pm
Long time no see! We need to go to more tekken tournies and gaia conventions
VampireGirl4455 Report | 08/03/2013 2:11 pm
PM BUMP NOW!!! please
VampireGirl4455 Report | 07/06/2013 6:27 pm
pm bump!
isuma kerasoki Report | 07/04/2013 7:47 pm
isuma kerasoki
Kay well have fun
isuma kerasoki Report | 07/04/2013 7:44 pm
isuma kerasoki
Cool well feel free to interact with isamu
isuma kerasoki Report | 07/04/2013 6:45 pm
isuma kerasoki
so what are you up too?
isuma kerasoki Report | 07/04/2013 6:26 pm
isuma kerasoki
ik need any help?
isuma kerasoki Report | 07/04/2013 6:16 pm
isuma kerasoki


I am really good at telling you to deal with it.


Miku and luka Magnet (i support Yuri *w*)

Rin Kagamine Why don't you call me back

Your Touch-Blake Lewis


I.L.M of one of the best people I know.

In Loving Memory Of Mochi she was one of the best people I knew and it was an honor to know her let alone talk to such a kind soul. Those who she left behind will all remember he as a friend, sister, caring soul, and a lover. May she rest peacefully and we will meet again on the other side love. May her friends and family stay strong and live happily with her memory.