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The Harmony

Otherwise known as Melissa or Van
I celebrate candle blowing techniques on January 3rd
hint hint. wink wink. nudge nudge. cat_wink

I joined back in late 2006 but really it was 2008 when I got active...
I think. Yes Yes, I was there when the tree/bush shuffling was a "thing"
Ancient af

I like to draw.
I mostly spend my time Lurking in the ART FREEBIES forum
I'll make a post sometimes, it's not often but maybe keep an eye out? cat_ninja

I have a furball named: Zoey (aka Zoeycoon)
cat_xd Her picture needs an update cause I dunno what happened but maybe it was some form of cat puberty. She looks like a scruffy alley cat now lol

I K-drama's
My heart was a disaster after Empress Ki and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
mah heart.



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White Harmony

if you haven't noticed...this is me.

pictures >>>>

updated;; 02/24/2016

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Have a great day~

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