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Daily Hylian Life Lessons [Excerpts]

[Catch up on the full excursions here!]
[Also, I did not produce all of these]

Beware of the undead, as some will shout a chilling mating cry before closing in on their intended target.

A tunic is a great expression of one's affinity for the Triforce.
The red tunic symbolizes Power, with the strength to withstand great heat.
The blue tunic symbolizes Wisdom, from the magic that allows underwater breathing.
And the green tunic symbolizes Courage, because you need it to wear something so useless.

I learned that with an ocarina I can unleash meteorological chaos.

Always stay on the road, skeletons apparently don't like them for some reason.

No matter what foe you face, a cucco will always manage to give you hell.

You will never tap that.

You can keep a stick from burning to a crisp by shoving it back into the pocket you pulled it out of.
And it won't hurt you at all.

Careful whose pots you break; you may have to pay.

Everything is built around you. Seriously. Everything.

Rolling into trees hard enough may make you rich.....or at least pay the resulting medical bill.

Zelda Blurbs

I had a dream one night that I was a Skull Kid. O.o

Any of you heard there's a Hylian Loach in OoT's fishing hole? I caught that sucker. Twice.

I rapped Majora's Mask once in Three Days. Missed one Piece of Heart.

My favorite mask would have to be the Zora Mask. It's also my go-to mask when fighting Majora, as I find Fierce Deity much too OP and I prefer a challenge.

I love seeing what a hybrid in the Zelda universe would be like; any hybrid at all!

I keep having dreams that I'm Link and I go off on strange adventures...I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

I once made a Hylian Shield out of some cardboard. It functioned well, but the design needed some work...

If the matrix was real, I'd like to go to Hyrule for just one day and mess around. Maybe smack a cucco.

I once had a dream where I was in an altered Termina, outside Snowhead in spring. I kept switching between Goron and Zora Link for some reason though.

Pick Up and Play

Kurai Ryus Takai on 09/03/2020

ZELDA [Duane and Brando]

ZELDA II [Duane and Brando]

Zelda 3-1 [Duane and Brando]

Icarus Kid - Underworld

Zedd - Legend of Zelda

Last Hour [Zelda Touhou]

Mermaid Cave Remix

Song of Time Mecha Dubstep

Tarm Ruins Remix [WON]

Temple of Time to Dance

Song of Time [Dubstyle]

Zelda's Lullaby [VIP Dubstep]

Link's Nightmare [Dubstep]

Maklibek - Dark World

Zelda Jumpstyle Remix


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