In case you guys haven't noticed. I quit Gaia. To all my Guilds; If I didn't make someone else the captain PM me. I'll make whoever PMs me the captain.
Moving on. I quitted for tons of reasons. A few of them was because of all the noobs asking for my stuff, the pervs whenever I'm in towns asking to cyber, and lastly...I need to get on with my life.
People. Read this.
Hey =p Long time no talk huh..? I just wanted you to know, I'm doing fine. And might go to that thing that's in Maine this year (wrote this July, 26th, 2011 btw.) If you haven't noticed, I stopped using MSN. It wasn't cause of you. I just wanted you to know that. here. you deserve this. maybe you'll find something there
@Ciel/Paper Zombie/Whatever your username is now lawl
Heyya hows life bby? Haha. Not much to say. Hope your doing well...JoJo misses you b***h...
@Fearless HELLGIRL
Don't know if I know you but when I seen your comment..it reminded me of all the good times on Gaia I had while I was a nub bothering blue_kiwi in rally at like 6am...Talking to that Spanish girl saying yes and no in her language....Making Gaia sisters...etc...Hahaaa. Good times.
Anyways. I just want to say this...Thanks for the comment..And I'm not a coward..Haha. Had to say that no idea why. Moving on; If you read the top you'd know why I quit. Thanks again for the comment and stuff. You brought back awesome memories for me.

Well bitches. I might bounce back I might not. But remember this...I will always be myself...And I know that technically makes no sense...Ceil; You'll figure that out sooner or later..Maybe..

Old Gaia usernames.
samantha899, sakuragirl124, iiDevil, iiDevilish, Its_the_Devil, Xx-SakuSasu-xX, The_Devils_Daughter, and finally, the username I will always love, JordanJet.
-Jordan H. (aka...Jordan Tayylor)


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My Life that kinda sucks


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Report | 12/10/2011 9:03 pm


hey been a while sweatdrop i got a new account demonlord1313 u should add me hun been a while

Report | 07/30/2011 12:27 pm


gotcha XD alrite thnx

Report | 07/07/2011 9:16 pm


she was so hot but quiting is for cowards i been a member here for 3 years i never quit she shouldnt of either

Report | 06/21/2011 2:00 pm


Goodbye and I hope your days on Gaia were well spent.
I am sure you will be missed.

Report | 02/22/2011 3:42 pm


NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! I finally gots a computer and you has quitted crying Bye bye crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
after elm

Report | 01/19/2011 9:19 am

after elm

lol, yes

Report | 01/05/2011 4:38 pm


aw fine v.v

Report | 01/03/2011 5:30 pm


fine D: but can i have one thing thats on yuuhh

Report | 01/02/2011 2:15 pm


No please don't quit.You are what made my gaia account look like to this day.
You are my role model.You can't please.
I'm going to be a begger.Im begging you do not leave.
Ill do whatever Please just don't
Ill miss you for all my life.If you quit I quit >:[

Report | 12/31/2010 8:17 pm


Lol That was funny you donated me cloudxD Wnana be my sister again?


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I missed it ಠ_ಠ