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Story of my life...and i am not ashamed to admit it :D

Siul this is how it feel towards you...

It's your DNA

my song <3

This song always gets to me :_:

When it comes to love i feel like ...



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So give me your
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Hey there emotion_dowant . Guess you stumble across my profile, so nice to met you emotion_yatta . Well about me I guess there’s not much to say emotion_sweatdrop . I suck at writting bio's anyways sweatdrop . Names Jean and I am 24 (( thougth i dont look older than 18 LOL )). I live in El Paso Texas and I am usually at home working as a writer emotion_drool . What can i say, i live my best adventures true the characters i make xd . But even thought its a fun livestyle, it also means that i got a really mess up squedual and horrid sleeping habbits emotion_zzz . I try my best to fix them up a bit, but sometimes i just find myself up at 3 am in the morning for no reason xp . That's when my handy dandy z quil comes in. Also people my first languaje ain't English and i know sometimes i mispell things...believe me, its not on purpuse >.>

I am what you can call an otaku, and collecting figures and waching anime sorth of makes part of my day emotion_yatta . I been kinda holding back on the buying cause i used to be a compulsive buyer in the past, but atleast those days are long gone rolleyes . You could say I love anime and manga till my hearts content emotion_bigheart . That does not mean that i gave up in my hobby. I still collect figures, posters and plushies. I watch a little bit of everything, and i am always oped for suggestions about new series or manga to read emotion_bigheart . My favorite anime is Junjou Romantica, thought i really like Blue Submarine 6, Eden of the East, DearS and Sekaii Ichi no Hatsukoi. As for web comics, i am currently reading StarFighter, All in love and Pallet wich i must say are all really good. As for book i am a huge fan of Fallen Angel books and Demonology. My Favorite Videogame of all times is Kingdom Hearts, thougth i also enjoy playing Final Fantasy ( All), Lolipop Chainsaw, Pokemon (All), Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur and other minor knowned rpg's.Lately i been into games like Guitar Hero, Rockband and Dance Dance Revolution as well.

Recently i gotten into bjds too and that is now my biggest hobby next to photgraphy and writting. I own a stedy bjd family of over 30+ dolls and they mean the world to me.

I Cosplay too, dressing as a girl at times as well just for the fun of it emotion_facepalm .Yet i dont tend to do it in public. I only do it for the love of my life <3. And yes i am taken. Anyways that does not mean that i a punk/ goth lover at heart. I will never part with my baggy cloths and my combat boots emotion_awesome . If i did it would be like i am not myself any longer emotion_dowant . My favorite color is crimson red, thought I enjoy other dark colors as well emotion_kirakira . I hate pink, i hate bows and i hate girly s**t, specially long hair emotion_omnomnom . I also dont have time to be checking out chicks or guys. So i tell you since now i am not interested !!!! . I am way pass that already. Anyways...where was i? oh yes talking about my avi lol. Sorry this happens at times. I blame my ADD for it. I can dress my avi all cute, but thats about it. I would never wear most of the things my avi is wearing in real life anyways emotion_eyebrow . So dark colors are my thing, which means my whole house is decorated with those colors emotion_kirakira . As for logos and simbols i love the ying yang emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart .I am a huge fan of videogames, wich are usually my hobby when I got nothing else going on emotion_dowant . I play a little bit of everything, but sport games wich i find rather silly emotion_eyebrow .

In a serious relationship with Siul Uchiha emotion_bigheart . Been together since a little over 2007 and we still going strong emotion_hug . We are curently living together ((and happily married aka Domestic partnership emotion_yatta )) , and in our relationship there's not room for a third wheel emotion_omnomnom so don’t get close to him or ill break your teeth in emotion_omnomnom emotion_bigvein . He is very jelly and does not appreciate people getting all lovely dovey on me. So i tell you since now back off. Its pointless to hit on me, cause i am taken, and my relationship is worth the world to me, and i am not going to forsake it for some silly puppy love.

I can be though and mean when i want to be so don’t think because I seem fragile that I don’t pack a punch cause believe me you will be surprise cat_twisted . I got a vicious ugly side when i get mad emotion_dowant , so pleasse don't take me to the edge, cause believe me i can be a big a** p***k if i want to be cat_twisted . As when it comes to myself, I am loyal to the end cat_redface so don’t come to hit on me cause i tell you since now i am not interested cat_talk2hand . I don't use gaia as a dating tool after all cat_cool .Plus i dont believe in doing to others what you would not want others to do to you cat_rolleyes , so you been warned cat_surprised . If you just want a friend and someone to talk to, then yeah i don’t mind cat_sweatdrop . I am a very social person cat_whee .I am not online 24/7 like i used to cat_sweatdrop , but i log in a lot, so if you bored you can message me, the moment i get back on ill reply to you

I am very open-minded cat_surprised and I am a really random person at times emotion_dowant if i come up to you talking about kittens when we where talking about zombies don’t be surprised emotion_dowant .As for other things i like, i love sweets and pets emotion_bigheart and plushies too.Heck i don't have more pets cause i am not allowed to. Yet i am a preatty clean person and my house is always sparkly, no matter if i got 2 huge huskies and 2 silly cat's walking around.

On other news, i am happy finally got Featured for the very first time. Thank you so much people in gaia for choising me biggrin .

Well enough said, its nice to met you and have a good one. Hope to see you around again emotion_yatta

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gaia_nitemareleft My dream avi's gaia_nitemareright

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And just so you have a laught...the stip tease bunny

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Kittykat24135 Report | 12/05/2018 2:14 pm
Hello smile
bennky Report | 03/21/2016 10:55 am
hello jean whee 3nodding whee
bennky Report | 02/29/2016 12:04 pm
Just after an achivement, thats all 3nodding
xAmiiBearx Report | 01/24/2016 9:44 am
Good! You?
StrawberryDetective Report | 12/07/2015 1:46 pm
OoOooo i LOVE ur current avi its SOOO CUTE! heart User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
xAmiiBearx Report | 12/04/2015 5:51 pm
StrawberryDetective Report | 11/29/2015 8:24 pm
yay jean ur a kitty too User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. heart ehee hee hee
StrawberryDetective Report | 11/26/2015 8:34 am
sorry for the late reply ^^": been pretty sick with a cold atm lol (just been able to get out of bed today XP) but good news is i finally got my laptop back today cat_whee heart

yup tell me about it xD i wish it was winning a lotto instead though cat_xd cat_xp cat_ninja

LMAOOOOO nightmares cat_rofl well i try to picture it as a comedy with me being a 80yr old walking around cat_lol cat_ninja but yup its really sucky when winter comes cat_xp
oo goodie maybe i can come visit u then one day cat_xd since its not that cold i might beable to manage cat_rofl aww x3 but at least u have snow x3 ehee hee <3 same here <3 they look so pretty in the movies and on pictures x3 <3 just wish i cld do some skiing or make a snowman one day cat_xp or even a few snow rabbits x3 <3
like these heart

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omg u have 3 fat cutie huskies?!!! ((( O( heart ___ heart )O))) EEEEP!!!!! can i see some pics!? heart heart heart
and hopefully it'll snow then i can see snow pics with cutie pie huskies in them cat_whee cat_4laugh *squeal~~! <3*

oh i see x3 i'm still thinking of which console to buy ps or xbox XD though atm i'm sticking to playing online pc games x3
i have diablo 3 and league of legends atm x3 do u play that too? X3 if so we can play together <3

and tell me about it i was so distraught when they took away zomg cat_crying i even joined the save zomg guild and we protestested to no avail cat_crying cat_crying cat_crying
the new lake kindred game is a bit like the old monster galaxy game they had cat_3nodding but less fun (really missed how zomg allowed us to interact with other players >.<" smile though the kindred drop items are not bad :3 and the kindred based user items are pretty cute/nice x3 <3
tinkerboricua Report | 11/23/2015 3:45 am
haha yeah que bueno que regresaste smile

como va todo? por que busy? que han hecho!?! que de sus vidas? como les va por alla?! o.o

en mi caso, sigo en la maestría.. con mucho work .. me graduo en mayo smile y pues ya en dos semanas termino mi internado yay! de lo demás, todo bien smile y como ves sigo en gaia ^^
tinkerboricua Report | 11/22/2015 5:50 pm
i knoww sad
estabas perdida!
how are youu?
& paso algo con tu account? o.o

All about me X3

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Want some art? I could use the practice.
Heres my DA


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Cachy song :D

Oh devin....

Sometimes i just feel like being psyco :D

This is how i feel about myself

Well about my reputation i would say .....

Great anime !

Just how i like it :D

Diamonds for tears

My mind is just ....

I am your Marionette

This song :D <3

The demon inside

Oh yes i do :D

favorite movie of all time

My favorite anime

Dark but epic

And only for you

So call me maybe ?

Siul Uchiha