Graduate Student.
I live in Puerto Rico~
Main language is Spanish.
I'm always trying to improve my English.
I love to travel.
I lived in Salamanca, Spain for 6 months. I traveled a lot.
I love Harry Potter and Pokemon.
I like to watch asian dramas.
I also like Kpop.
I've been on Gaia since 2007.
I have quitted a lot of times, but I always come back.
I lurk a lot in Charity & Exchange Forum.
I'm really nice.
I donate a lot. And I really love it.
Anything else you want to know, ask me.
I won't bite. I'm a pixie.

Also, check out my Instagram


Quests + Arts

I will use this to post my quests, the track of my wishlist & arts people made for me <3


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Report | 03/04/2018 8:30 pm


I'm good too~!!
Thank you!!
Yours is adorable whee

Report | 03/04/2018 2:15 pm


Ive been busy with work. U should still come check for messages heart

Report | 03/03/2018 2:16 pm


Ello~! heart
Thank you for accepting! Sorry if I bothered you...
How are you today? ^^
Hybrid Toxin

Report | 02/22/2018 3:05 pm

Hybrid Toxin

Wha.. "Goodbye"?
I'll keep a look out for your recolor! Looks just as adorable and awesome 3nodding

Report | 02/22/2018 12:49 pm


Why u said u saying goodbye? Are u leaving?

Report | 02/03/2018 5:53 am


Hello Tinker heart
Flower Princess Aerith

Report | 01/25/2018 12:07 pm

Flower Princess Aerith

do you have any plans to make hoodies in the future? If so, I would definitely buy them heart

Report | 01/25/2018 7:09 am


That would be a bit stressful, I'm sorry you had to feel that way. But it's over, and a wild success, so it's going to be okay!
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Shiny Mimikyu might sell decently, even if it's very sad looking. The saddest of all poke'mon. T.T Your tribute is beautiful.

A frenzied amount of jumping and pacing back and forth later....thank you very much for your hoodie! It's perfect and I shall get much use out of it. It's just so cute. You were wise and kind both, to pick up copies for others.

In regards to my upcoming recolor, what sort of color schemes are you super into right now? Graceful/Etolie I know is one. I'm asking the folk I'm gifting copies to for opinions, since I could really use horns in -every- color scheme, you know?
Flower Princess Aerith

Report | 01/24/2018 9:36 pm

Flower Princess Aerith

I love your item so so soooooooooo much! biggrin Thanks for making it! it absolutely made my day heart

Report | 01/24/2018 6:47 pm


I was telling Rie to chill and about your situation with no electricity and such, and the fact the island was still devastated, even if the news in this country isn't covering it much. I'm really happy you've made contact, and at such a good time, looking at that full sale with the hoodie. I went to sleep at the wrong time clearly, as when I woke up, they were all gone. I'll have to wait for the rerelease. What will you recolor it?


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