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Gender: Male

Birthday: 06/24

Occupation: Vet assistant, Pokemon Breeder, Digi-Destined

What am I wearing?

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The name's Marcus... Marcus Liger

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Welcome to my profile

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The name's Liger, I'm wild person with a serious cat obsession.
Liger likes to spar with whomever, whenever and is looking to
befriend all that he meets (both in rps and in real life).

My saying:
"I never meet a stranger, but simply a friend who's name I've somehow forgotten."

My gift is to see that everyone has a little furry (or Reptile) in them especially in my friends,
which happen to include an indecisive wolf and his crazy wolf of a mate, a finicky yet artistic kangaroo,
a gun-lusting wolf, a rambunctious boar, an antisocial lion, a wild and talkative lioness (no kin to the lion),
a joke killing lizard, a random bucket rabbit, a manipulating artistic dragon (not meant to be mean),
and many other creatures of the animal kingdom.
Yes, Liger is a furry, sees a little animal in everyone!
Strangely, for a cat, he has WAAAY too many wolf-like friends.
Waiting to be your friend too!

I've made quite a few more friends over the past year or so and have gotten involved in quite a bit.
Especially with a special someone that it I must say, smells the exact opposite of a sharpie marker...
SO I wanna give a shout out to my Gaian Friends, Family and Loved one
(Joshiwa-kun heart w heart )

Of course I go to school (can't say I likes it though T 3T) and hang out when ever time is available.
My dream is to share the love and understanding of agriculture with everyone on the planet.
Currently in college with the major of Agriculture Education with a minor in Animal Science.

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It's not who you are, but where you're going... and I'm going to the top!

I am...
The Hanged-Man
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The Hanged Man Arcana is associated with self-sacrifice for the sake of enlightenment,
the bindings that makes one free, paradoxes and hanging between heaven and earth.
Hanged Man characters may be self-sacrificial,
but are more often notable for being caught between two different extremes or parties.


Hunky Husbando of X Kaos X
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Eros of Olympus
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My Energetic Kitty

My beloved, well dressed waifu