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The extended story of George the dramallama :

By holy_hand granade (Who is now Indigo Oblivion AKA me!)

George the dramallama was always alone. He usually sat alone at night crying because noone heart George the dramallama . He would go home and get stressed at the tv because all that was on were cop shows and shows with wahmbulance 's. He always had lots of cheese_whine . One day his neibor Sally the ninja pirate came over to see if George the dramallama was ok. She walked in and all George the dramallama saw was heart in his eyes.
She left later that night and got ran over by a wahmbulance . The wahmbulance stopped and took her to the hospital. The next day a very emo George the dramallama burried Sally the ninja pirate . All alone George the dramallama stayed home and vowed never to look for heart again.

Is any one feeling emo besides me?

It had been about a year since George the dramallama lost Sally the ninja pirate . He visited her every day. He remebered the wahmbulance that had caused George the dramallama to be emo . George the dramallama decided he wanted to drive a wahmbulance and work for a hospital in Sally the ninja pirate 's memory. George the dramallama was driving the wahmbulance to the hospital and saw Sue Bob the domokun on the side of the street crying . She was injured. George the dramallama stopped the wahmbulance and put Sue Bob the domokun inside. He turned on the lights of the wahmbulance and took her to the hospital. Sue Bob the domokun 's eldest daughter lisa the domokun worked at the hospital as well. Lisa the domokun went down to visit Sue Bob the domokun a little while later. Sue Bob the domokun was doing fine. George the dramallama went home in the wahmbulance to got to sleep for the night.

This has nothing to do with me, but I just though ya'll should check out this shop! They have cute graphics, and good prices. <3 Dig it:
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This is my collection of their things:User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image The last one is a custom. <3


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This journal is going to be used for pictures, rp characters,and other random things.



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Report | 01/05/2018 2:04 pm


Miss talking to you too.
Will do, I'm sorry that I haven't been on =/

Report | 01/05/2018 12:27 pm


your avi is so cute emotion_bigheart

Report | 09/27/2017 9:59 am


I hear ya. I hardly have time for games anymore, makes me sad
Right on
Awwww you are so sweet <3
I will def let you know if I start playing emotion_bigheart

emotion_hug you're so understanding and just sweet <3
I'm sorry that you're having a bit of a day, I hope it gets better.

Report | 09/26/2017 3:05 pm


Cool XD
Oh nice, I have been wanting to play that. Is it amazing?
XD it's no problem, I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get to it

Report | 09/22/2017 12:50 pm


Oooh right on, been wanting to make a custom myself
I'm sorry that it was frustrating.
What is eso?

XD it's been fun
I still have your avi saved, so I will probably do some practicing w/ that ^^

I'm sorry to hear that
Glad to hear that you are otherwise okay though <3

What horns are you going for?

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Congrats on getting your new computer to work XD
No worries I totally understand
I haven't been on much myself.

I'm doing pretty good, just been trying to do some drawing
How are you?

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Hey ^^
how are you?

Report | 07/15/2017 10:54 pm


i like your avatar's style and color scheme, it's giving me a scott pilgrim vibe!
also welcome back to gaia smile
Delirious Affliction

Report | 06/01/2017 7:10 am

Delirious Affliction

Welcome back!

That is a loooong time. I started around 2008 and come and go every few months

How'd you adjust to the inflation? xd
xGrandad Purpx

Report | 06/01/2017 6:10 am

xGrandad Purpx

Omg I wish I could even own a rat, my parents hate them severely, so i couldnt even take em out and let them run around which i love to see them do. My best friend had two, and they were the most precious things ever 3nodding


Esslay Anthay Reethay

Finally got my horns! Thank you to my one helper!

HallsOfIvy 50 bil!!!! heart heart heart