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Kismette Report | 05/14/2012 9:09 pm
I miss you ;o;
Come back..
The Blue Blue Report | 08/18/2010 6:14 am
cool avi
Jordansays- Report | 05/28/2010 8:27 pm
-smex- :3
VENOMeyeliner Report | 08/26/2009 10:05 am
I know you stopped coming on here, but since you didn't respond to my happy birthday message 3 time on msn, I'm going to put it here. It's not the right day, you suck <3 -cuddlecuddle- I miss you babe! <3 HBDAY
Aichlin Report | 08/24/2009 9:26 pm
Happy Belated Birthday
Akari Yuuto Report | 08/19/2009 11:42 pm
It was your birthday 2 hours and 42 minutes ago.

And I doubt you were here o 3o

But happy birthday. heart
Ezra Wattie Report | 08/19/2009 7:21 pm
Happy Birthday Ralwatt! <3
Airashii_Enjuku Report | 08/18/2009 8:29 pm
squidy boo! Happy Birthday! <3
Indigo Oblivion Report | 08/18/2009 9:17 am
I misses you
fluffy_mause Report | 08/18/2009 8:23 am
Happy B-day!! >w< -cuddle-

About Me

- I am Ralwatt or 99wattr89
- I am 19.
- I am gay.
- I am English.
- I am single.
- I am a virgin.
- I don't have any friends in the real world, so my friends online mean everything to me.
- I have long dark hair and blue eyes.
- I am over 6 foot tall, but I'm not sure exactly how much over... xD
- I love Japanese things, especially manga.
- I am learning to speak Japanese, so that I can move to Japan.
- I try to always type in good English, except if I'm being silly.
- I give my MSN and AIM details only to people that are special to me.
- I get very weepy and emo if I don't get enough sleep.
- I am too easily aroused for my own good.
- I am an atheist.
- I almost never change my avatar.
- I used to be an emo.
- I get easily irritated by noobs.
- I try to never be sarcastic online, unless I make it extremely obvious.
- I have a full friends list, so I will only add you if I genuinely feel like we have a friendship - because adding you means deleting someone else.
- I like science fiction and fantasy.
- I don't like arrogant or intolerant people.
- I am always there for a friend.
- I try not to hold grudges.
- I have two kitties, they're the cutest.
- I hate celebrity culture.
- I listen to all sorts of music, but no Country or R&B.
- I love to read, but I rarely make time for it.
- I am a masochist.
- I flirt with everyone, or so I'm told.
- I can be extremely serious at times.
- I don't get along well with my mother.
- I hate it when people have their media set to autoplay.
- I love computer games.
- I am a wordgamer.
- I am quick to judge.
- I hoard rare items.
- I love rpgs.
- I don't like sports.
- I like Nintendo.
- I give my avatar's a backstory.
- I love yaoi.
- I think that invulnerability is the coolest superpower.
- I don't like The United States of America. If you have a problem with that then I don't want to know about it.
- I am a pessimist.
- I don't often think things through, instead I mainly act on instinct, because I'm impatient.
- I am very thorough when working on something I care about.
- I second-guess myself constantly.
- I am paranoid.
- I never donate to beggers.
- I don't have a job.
- I like to give anonymous gifts when I can afford to.
- I belive in freedom, and freedom of speech above all else, and I am sickened at how governments around the world take away our freedom in the name of security.
- I belive that no politician can be trusted.
- I belive that large corporations are a severe threat to society, freedom and the enviroment.
- I belive in science as a force for good.
- I do not belive any person is entirely evil.
- I belive everyone deserves love.
- I am very shy in real life.
- I am lazy.
- I have an addictive personality. Pokemon is like crack to me, to name one addiction. (I'm clean a good 6 months now! xD)
- I do not drink, take drugs, smoke, or drink large amounts of caffeinated drinks.
- I am wary of change.
- I am a perfectionist.
- I need the internet to live.
- I have a dirty mind.
- I wish I was as awesome as you.
- I like to sing and dance (badly) when I'm alone.
- I go for walks with my mum to try to keep fit and lose weight.
- I am an attention whore.
- I like hugs.
- I spent three months living in America with my then-boyfriend.
- I try to reply to communications promptly.
- I am very forgetful.
- I don't like watching tv, so if I really want to see a certain show, I'll normally find it online.
- I am not very good at talking to people.
- I like to roleplay with other guys on MSN and AIM, so pm me if you're interested.
- I hope that I haven't repeated anything, so please let me know if I have.
- I hope that I'll think of more things to say here soon.

About My Avatar

I'm a young adventurer who was out exploring and got caught in a magical trap, tuning me into a statue! D:
But it didn't seem like it had affected at first... until I got back to my village!
Because of the curse, whenever anyone looks at me I turn to stone! I'm on a journey to see a wizard who people say may be able to help me.
So stop looking at me!

About Others

ky_ky is my wonderful big sister and mischeivious_lil_kitsune is my little sister.
Bulma Greenleaf is my official protector.
~Kai-Sempai~ is my adorable little brother.
I'm Danjah's Squiddy Pie.
I'm Ninja Dchan's plushie.
hermione_watson1 is my cousin.
~Ready~And~Not~Waiting~ is my Archangel.

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