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-~-Role Playing Profile-~-

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Yeah, I know I'm awesome.

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* . . Basic . . *
Name: Yuki (Yes, I know a girls name /gag)
Nick name: Yu-yu
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: I'm straight as far as you know.
Marital status: Details are fuzzy.

* . . A little about myself. . *
I. I thread hop. If I miss you do comment.
II. I can be your best friend or I could be outside your window with a sniper riffle. Best way to know is if there is a red dot on your forehead.
lll. I doodle, and I might draw you a little something but not for free, greedy ********.
IV. I don't watch T.V.
V. I have a job, If I'm not here I'm there.

* . . Things I Like LOVE . . *
x. Peety <3
x. Mitsuya Cider (Fizzy Candy Japanese candy)
x. The people I work with (Minus a few)
x. My Anime geek friends
x. Most Animals
x. Dinosaurs
x. Music
x. Late night runs through the woods
x. Ghost Hunting
x. Nintendo
x. Sega
x. World of Warcraft (I'm not for the Horde or Alliance, I play both.)
x. Black and white
x. The smell of gasoline at the gas station
x. Mountain Dew
x. Sprite
x.Greek food

o. People who DRINK their problems away
o. People that ask for fresh food, when busy, and get pissy on a wait
o. When people pull "no call, no shows" and I'm the one who has to suffer
o. Pushy Christians
o. Parents who ignore their children
o. Children who ignore their parents
o. Children ages 3-13
o. People
o. My job
o. Unbelievably huge tits
o. Private/Unmarked/ No named phone calls
o. Stephanie Meyer and everything she writes
o. Green beans
o. Cleaning my fish tank
o. Perfectionists
o. Ignorance
o. Inpatients
o. How I change who I am depending on the crowd
o. The fact that I'm so different
o. Who I really am

* . . ARTS! . .*
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