Name- 3rin
Born living- Denver
Now living- New York
Natural Hair Color- Brown
Hair Color Now- Blond
Fav Color- Light Blue
Eye Color- Sapphire Blue
Besties RL- Jordan,Jessica,Sam,Jamie,Deija,Kirdis
Besties On Gaia- Janelle,Alicia,Jaydie, Ricky and My Nerd ;PPP
Likes- Roast Turkey,Candy,WaFFles,Pink Lemanade,Mj and Hugz!
Dislikes- Fakers,Sugar Free candy and Gum

So, like hi. I'm 3rin, but my Nickname Is Jelly. Age ___ ( I no speak ;O ) I Like to dance in the mirror. I like to give smiles to myself in the mirror. C: Some peoeple tell me I dance like a white girl oO I eat a Roast turkey sandwhich for lunch everyday. I eat smarties to make me smarter ( that's why I'm in Gt, WHAT! )I'm Hyper when I eat starburst and I keep a monkey ( HubbaBubba ) in my bag wherever I go. I may be a prep girl, but HEY, I'm the most popular girl in my whole high school. Well that's all I'm gonna say for now. I like talking to yall, hit me up! :L