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I ♥♥♥ random PMs! They make me LOL.

Ode to a lost friend.
You talk as if you don't love me anymore. But how is that so when our souls and destinies are intertwined? Maybe you may not be able to hear that music you play with your heart incased in stone but to me it plays loud and clear.
Don't swayed by the stone and listen long and hard. You will realize that you never stopped playing your beautiful heartsong. Once you realize that, please just play it a little louder. So we may embrace eachother in the tones and melodies of our heartsong. For it is one in the same.


About Who?

Well, where to start...

Some people say I'm nice, some people say I'm nasty, but if you really want to know just ask me! I'll say I'm nicety! Oh~Oh~Oh say I'm nicety! Nice~ty~! Just call me Nicety~! xD

Ok now that I got that outta my system. ^^;;;
If you want to know my name or anything else like that you have to ask! Remember the only stupid question is the one never asked. And if your afriad it was a stupid question, then you'll know it is because I would have told you it was. xD

I'm basic. (Like cable xD) I have a good and a bad side. Stay on one plz. =)
I don't make theories on people based on what I've heard or seen at frist sight. But pharse you words correctly, or I'll bite your head off! Rawr! domokun
Just kidding.

I'm going to be on more often now that I've found some extra time and remembered that i even had a gaia in the 1st place. Lol. You'll find me bouncing around the fourms. Im a stay at home mom whose man works really hard to support his family. So im lonely but im not looking to cheat or have an internet fling. I love my IRL hubby very much. But if you want to just talk and conversate i would love to get a PM from you. My life is ruled my love tyrents so some intellectually stimulating company would be nice.

But, don't send me a friend request and then not talk to me. I clear my friends list often, so don't think I won't delete you...

Ok, I guess I could tell you a little bit more about me...
I'm me and I'm a girl, deal. I'm tomboy but I like high heels. I like football, and do own a pair of big shaded glasses but most of the time you'll find me chillin' in my pjs since i hardly leave the house these days.. I love my deep south cookin' with a passion and would chose it over anything else. I joined when i was like 12 now im in my 20s.

♥♥ ~..::I Like::..~ ♥♥
-My few good friends
-Kawaii things
-Violent video games
-Anime & Manga
-Dancing in my underpants xD
-Riding an atv through the mud
-Football (American style)
-Ice cream! :3
-Vampires =E
-Did I mention silence?
-Thinking for myself
-Drawing (I'm ok I guess, I'm not all that and a bag of chips)
-Having fun.
-DJ Markski! <333!
-Swearing~! xD (I try hard though not to do it though...)
-UsagiNariko aka XX ____ Sarange H A E
-Twin Signal (and all it's uber kawaii~ness [it's anime, for people who didn't guess already] Signal and mini are mine. I claim. )
-Zombies c:

✖..::I No Like::..✖
-Monkeys (I just don't like 'em...)
-Being put in a category or labeled.
-Haters (Don't hate xD)
-Mean people
-Two faced people
-Fashion robots
-People who don't like anime, or hate on it
-People who are quick to judge others
-Stereo types (Be nice don't label people...)
-Doing the ******** dishes... >.>;;; )

'The I hate these things/people with a ******** passion!!! List'
-backstabbin' bishes
-People who go to the extremes when it's not needed

Avi Art~!!!


Woot! I love Pricce~! She really should consider opening a shop.

Just pick up one, and say, "I helped make that. I helped it come into this world.... In a way, I conceived this fry.... *Wipe away tear*"
XD People would be like "...wut?"
~ quote from XxLuinxX

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Days In The Life Of Akiko

No. I'm not going to tell you about my life. I'm just going to write my thoughts and such. You can agree or disagree. Your choice.



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thank you for buying from my store

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Thank you for the marketplace purchases! heart

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Thanks for buying~ heart

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thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_4laugh
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heart heart heart
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Substitute Love

Fizzlewick Direfart

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Fizzlewick Direfart

I'm in charge of a Landscape business called Peace of Green. I've been building 50' wide x 5' tall retaining walls, terraforming yards into masterpieces (literally rofl ), pruning hedges and 30' tall trees. Visiting nurseries to cherry pick specimen plants, designing gardens, installing irrigation systems and repairs, building water features, etc. If it has to do with maintenance around your house/apartment, I do it, pretty much.
Fizzlewick Direfart

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Fizzlewick Direfart

Wow! Six kids! They must keep you busy! I am basically running a business for my boss, so I'm exceedingly limited on my time too. If you can be patient for me I'll be patient for you mrgreen Glad to hear everything is going well though! biggrin
Fizzlewick Direfart

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Fizzlewick Direfart

Smiles! OMGushing! I am Quasi-God, this is my account. I would love to start a story with you and get back into writing. So glad to hear from you and hope to make some new memories biggrin

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Merry Christmas Love ^___^


[imgleft:eaed1f6496]http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb262/JadedPhoenix/GaiaOnline Avi Arts/sexymomma-1.png[/imgleft:eaed1f6496]
I've [u:eaed1f6496][b:eaed1f6496]been running[/b:eaed1f6496][/u:eaed1f6496] the [i:eaed1f6496]streets[/i:eaed1f6496] of AF since [b:eaed1f6496]'07[/b:eaed1f6496]. Don't get it [strike:eaed1f6496]twisted[/strike:eaed1f6496], homie.[/size:eaed1f6496]