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Name: Fuhrer King Bradley
Alias: Pride/Wrath/The Ultimate Eye
Race: Homunculus
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 60 Years Old Might Be Older
Hair: Black
Eyes: Turquoise
Height: About 6 Feet
Weight: Unknown
Status: Fuhrer

Wrath is the secret identity of King Bradley. He was originally one candidate amongst hundreds in a secret program created by Father and the Amestrian military to find the perfect ruler of Amestris. The process involved gathering babies from their birth and raising them up. They were taught about the world and politics in classrooms. When old enough, they would begin training with swords and would fight against one another in matches with everyone watching. Every candidate used the same type of sword. After their training was complete, the doctors would then inject a Philosopher's Stone from Father's body into their candidate. He was the first to survive the process, becoming the first Homunculus with the ability to age and was given the name King Bradley. When the Philosopher's Stone was injected into him, his soul fought against the numerous souls in the Philosopher's Stone, draining it to only one soul, which took over his body. He wonders whether this was original soul or not. He quickly rose to the position of F├╝hrer through his battle prowess and apparent dedication to the military ideals of Amestris.



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Level 0 Report | 10/22/2013 4:04 pm
Level 0
i lay my eggs here B-I
ENVlOUS Report | 08/27/2013 8:50 pm
... Thanks, Wrath... That really means a lot to me.
ENVlOUS Report | 08/27/2013 7:18 am
Well, uh... I wanna leave Amestris. Travel the world, y'know...? The whole killing shtick makes it lonely...
And since Lust is dead and Greed is.. Gone... I don't really have anyone to talk to anymore.
Gluttony ain't exactly chatty, and Pride honestly scares the s**t outta me.
ENVlOUS Report | 08/22/2013 6:43 pm
Listen, Wrath... I've been wanting to talk to you about something for a while, and it might take a bit of time. Could you lend me your ear when you get a chance? It's kind of important...
ENVlOUS Report | 08/21/2013 6:23 pm
Yeah, I found out Tony Stark's interested in alchemy. That human is too smart for his own good... Don't let him get a hold of any research notes if you can.
ENVlOUS Report | 08/21/2013 8:38 am
Hi, Wrath!
Sleep Isabella Report | 06/11/2011 4:34 pm
Sleep Isabella
=O heart
My favorite humunculus! Wrath!
Hadassah-Ssi Report | 01/01/2011 4:34 pm

join the fma party?
Kaos Persona Report | 11/01/2010 2:26 pm
Kaos Persona
Oh thank you, king Bradly!
Kaos Persona Report | 10/30/2010 4:28 pm
Kaos Persona
Trick or treat! *holds out candy pail*



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