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Nickname: Tomura
Age: 26
Gender: Non-binary - They/Them or He/Him pronouns.

I'm a goth noodle that loves to cosplay, and I attend anime conventions on the East Coast. I am also a pianist, gamer, and roleplayer. I collect anime merch and like doing all sorts of artsy things. Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat or roleplay.


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Nura Chiara Report | 10/21/2020 8:57 am
Nura Chiara
Hey man, what's up?
Bearnas Tyr Report | 06/21/2020 1:10 pm
Bearnas Tyr
Hiiiii xD
Sorry I fell quiet over fb again, you're always free to msg me when i vanish oof.
I may have mentioned before that I suck at innitiating conversation sweatdrop

Plz forgeev mii
starfallist Report | 06/12/2020 6:19 pm
Yeah from here to Katsu was like uhhh... idk something like 12 hours? I know what you mean abt the cosplayers tho :/ Cause oof. That's part of the reason we stopped going- that negativity is overwhelming and exhausting and I'm too old to deal with that xd Cons are always so loud IMO and there's usually some jerk blasting extra music that no one else wants to hear (like, use your headphones, bruh)

Thank you for the good vibes heart I did get the one stimulus check at least.

I've seen a few states have said ppl don't have to wear masks in public but I still am, being immuno-compromised. I really try not to go out, but sometimes it can't be helped. Hopefully within the next year they'll have some sort of vaccine out, and that'll help. It's probably going to exist as the flu does- new vaccine every year sort of deal, as a preventative measure. A lot of ppl are so damn stubborn abt wearing masks and it's so disappointing to see how little others care abt the health of their fellow humans.
starfallist Report | 06/12/2020 5:11 pm
Fam I would love to see your cosplays! I too am east coast, but I'm in Georgia haha I usually do like Momocon (I am an assistant director), AWA, Dragon*Con.... I've been wanting to add more to my repertoire, Misa (my gf) and I used to do katsu but not anymore.

Oof adjusting to meds is always a Time. I feel that deeply, trying to balance my own again haha I was not getting any hours in quarantine and now I'm unemployed so I'm trying to get unemployment, but boy. This is all stressful, I don't think things should be opening back up yet, I'm predicting an up-spike in illness within the next few months *sighs* Alas. We'll do what we must I suppose.

starfallist Report | 06/12/2020 4:37 pm
Oh man I can't wait to see those! Ugh I love Xiao Xingchen and Xue Yang and Song Lan so much aaaaaah (Im making my gf cosplay song lan while I do xiao xingchen.) I'm doing pretty okay! Hanging in there in all this insanity, how about yourself?
starfallist Report | 06/12/2020 4:27 pm
Hi I absolutely adore your avatar.
Bearnas Tyr Report | 05/04/2020 2:39 pm
Bearnas Tyr
True, JiaoJiao's actress did a great job indeed haha.

Mh yeah I get that. Xue Yang kinda has the "what Wei Wuxian would be if Wei Wuxian was never adopted by the Jiangs" kinda vibe to him I guess.
(But yeh no I could never ship XueXiao or whatever that ship goes by lmao. Dysfunctional family dynamic at best, but I can't imagine romance there, toxic or otherwise. People are free to ship as they please tho!)

Yeah that singer has amazing reach haha, dang. Man I really love the character songs I can't stop listening to em xD

I don't mind the hat haha, probably bc I've seen them before in other xianxia type movies, so they're not new-and-weird to me? I guess?

Huaisang isn't evil tho, i mean, he's just a sad boi taking revenge for the only family member he had/cared for him, and he couldn't just stroll up to Jinlin Tower and casually attack Meng Yao haha, it was pretty much NECESSARY for Huaisang to use such advanced sneaky tactics. The novel did explain the Nie brothers relationship and that revenge plot a little more in depth than the live action, sadly. It was kinda just very quickly glossed over at the end but pft, adaptations do have a habit of cutting out stuff so it's not a surprise. I just liked Huaisang in the live action, but I really felt bad for him in the novel. I also feel like they could've fleshed out Meng Yao's motivations if they kept the whole Guanyin temple origin in the LA, but that was cut out too. Man I felt twice as bad for pretty much everyone in the novel, altho dang, Those Empathy fragments about Meng Yao through Nie Minjue?? Goosebumps lmao, that's just disturbing as hell and I could feel Nie Minjue's frustration and disgust.

Haha yeh the silly action scenes is kinda typical for the genre, another thing I'm used to from past experience so again, wasn't too odd to me. In fact, it was pretty toned down compared to some fight scenes i recall from other xianxia movies xD

Thanks again for sending me the novel translation haha!

Hm, I do have facebook, but I don't really use it aside from the messenger function. The last time i added someone from gaia was in 2011 lmao, and that fb friendship is dead, so I can't guarantee the same won't happen again. I'm pretty quiet. I could add you regardless I guess!
I also have Instagram if you have that? I haven't posted anything proper in ages but I do occasionally update my story with MDZS sketches and now for MerMay mermaid versions of the characters haha
Bearnas Tyr Report | 04/25/2020 3:54 am
Bearnas Tyr
Oh surprisingly i was pretty indifferent towards Wen Chao in the live action haha, because as soon as his gf entered the screen i remembered that she was the one i actually hated. I mean Wen Chao is also a massive a*****e but his whore girlfriend was the absolute worst of the worst haha, now SHE got what was coming to her. Seriously tho i must have blocked her from memory the first time haha.

As for Xue Yang, I mean, look, his backstory isn't SUPER tragic but yeah i can kinda get what makes him so complicated. Twisted mind for sure. I still don't like him but I did have a small moment of pity near the end there. (altho it was VERY small and fleeting bc what he did to Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan -- BUT ESPECIALLY XINGCHEN JFC -- was NOT OKAY)

((I'm writing this while listening to all the character songs haha and Xue Yang's is just about to hit so excuse the live reporting --- omfg that does sound super sad? Way too beautiful too. I'll have to give a subtitled version a look because at first glance it doesn't suit him at all haha. Awful man with a gorgeous and haunting character song? Naw. xD))

Also, Meng Yao... hoo boy. Lemme just say, they picked the perfect actor with the perfect face to really sell that pure and innocent boy look and feel. My heart broke for Lan Xichen. TWICE.

All in all these whole 50 episodes were one big feels rollercoaster, and honestly? I think i'm glad that the live action was the first medium where I completed the story fully haha. The actors & their acting were perfect, the music, the visuals, I wasn't bored for even 1 second and was mega invested. I literally expected it to be bad for some reason haha.

I'm still recovering lmao, but yeh I'll be in a MDZS rut for a few months at least for sure. I really did love it, so damn much.

I did read about the Nie film in a yt comment lmao, but wasnt aware there were more films planned/in the making! I look forward to them.
I still have to find a readable translation of the novel, tbh. If you happen to know where I can find one, do let me know!
Bearnas Tyr Report | 04/24/2020 1:56 pm
Bearnas Tyr
Hi again sorry it took me a few days to get back to you but excuse me what the ********

I just binged the whole thing in three days and I absolutely loved it


It was amazing??? I somehow expected it to be sillier bc but it was so good it really took me by surprise

Ah i dunno what to say atm haha forgive me im still recovering from the feels

Ajshshakjshdjdks thanks for convincing me to give the live action a shot I do not regret even a minute of that
Bearnas Tyr Report | 04/20/2020 4:39 am
Bearnas Tyr
Sounds like your average Chinese fantasy film then. But in this case it's a series haha. I'll make sure to give it a watch.

I did get to the Yi City arc! I'm really looking forward to the animate version tho.

God there's so little characters I genuinely dislike, they're all pretty good. Definity love Lan Wangji and XiChen, ******** I love all the Lans haha, and Wen Ning is adorable. I don't like Wen Chao tho haha, but it's okay to like different things. Wei Wuxiang is great too, nice multi-faceted main character.

I'm still getting used to the naming conventions, so I still get confused when they switch between birthnames, honorary titles and nicknames haha, so forgive me in advance if I forget who is who sometimes.

It's a great avi cosplay!

Quarantine has been mostly boring and even tho I'm definitely an introvert and tend to thrive in solitude, I did end up getting pretty lonely sometimes. Can't wait for it to blow over and hang out with what little friends I have again.


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