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Who, me?

Welcome to my profile!
Not the biggest fan of talking about myself, but this is me trying. In the past I would usually say: "I'm not an open book" or some other cliche. It's still kind of true, but I tend to open up to people that are usually more of a presence in my life or that both of us make an effort to communicate or keep in touch.
It can't be forced.
Is it something I need work or practice on? Yeeeah.

What I do offline:
- Draw -
It's mostly on paper stuff, I haven't jumped into the whole digital world of drawing outside those throwaway apps on our phones. I'm sure there's better ones, but I haven't really gone too far into that search either way. At the end of it all though, am I gonna open up a art shop and charge for it to feed my marketplace addiction? Nope.

- Read -
Manga, comics, the occasional novel, random autobiographies, cookbooks. I'm on the fence about reading digital stuff, I'm not hating on it - I sure as hell read it. I do really like physical copies a bit more. Especially literature.

- Watch / Stream Media -
This one is pretty self explanatory, I'm not going to list every single thing I watch, it's ever growing and things get canceled left and right.
I'll watch just about anything that interests me. It could be anything from TMNT, to an over the top parody movie.

- Play video games -
That one is also pretty self explanatory, I don't really buy into the whole console wars thing. I don't really favor one over the other and a buddy at work is trying to talk me into a gaming pc and I'm open to it one day.
I can say the same thing about physical copies of games over digital, it's only until recently I've gotten much better internet in my area. So, I've gotten the option to going digital on some games and have embraced it.


- Collect Things -
I have a collection of comics, cards (games and collectible stuff) movies, games, merch from series I enjoy ranging from artwork, figures, or whatever people classify Funko pops (got too damn many of those.. xD)

- Begrudgingly Became An Indoors Person -
I've recently moved from across the states, so starting over with new friends, new hobbies, and meeting new family. My old hobbies have kind of changed. I used to hang out at a park with some friends, go swimming at a lake or pool, frequent a favorite video game or comic shop.
Basically went from a city, to the boonies - Sure, the boonies are more calming and quiet. But can't just decide to hit a mall without a lengthy drive like I used to. Hell, the area I'm currently in is a woods like area, and it's got that "everybody knows everybody" vibe.
I don't think I can entirely blame it on the new environment, but also went from having no issue with seasonal allergies to absolutely hating the time of the year when plants are blooming.

- Listen to Music / Watch Videos -
This one is pretty standard. Still, I get all worried if I didn't include this people would think I was an alien or some kind of music hater.

- Keep in touch with Friends / Family -
This one is pretty self explanatory, but I feel pretty lucky to have friends outside this place, and from this place still keeping in touch with me. Sometimes there's a back and forth joke between two people in particular via the status feature here, I mean what else are they for at this point?

It's just a fun feature, and I usually look forward to seeing what others use it for, hell, sometimes it's a good conversation starter with some friends you don't talk with every day. They're just something I pay attention to on here.

- Work -
This one is a source of fun, and frustration lol. Which I guess is a nice balance sometimes. Not much to say about this one. It's a job. It's also about ten minutes from where I live. Kinda lucked out there.

And more!
I'm serious, I probably could list so much more, I'm just tired of typing all this about myself.

What I do on here:
- Change Avatars -
Easily one of the things that keeps me interested in this place, sure the MP has some of us hurting or getting creative with older - cheaper items but one of my favorite things to do here is enjoy making new avis and seeing what some of my friends have come up with on their own avatars.
I typically have a necklace I always try to wear, if you don’t see it, chances are I either forgot or it’s covered by a scarf, armor. But it means a lot to me, and is because of a BFF I’ve known forever~

- Check out some forums -
Before I joined this place I would frequent and eventually become a mod on some forums, that kind of burnt me out on interactions on forum stuff, but sometimes I'll bump a friend's topic or try and get involved there.

- Talk with Friends -
A lot of fun friends for me have been made through just a random message, whether I met them on zOMG! or Towns. Some of them have really lead to some memorable moments.
Sure, some of them have quit, outgrew this place, grew apart, or just kind of forgot this site was still a thing. But the memories are still there and I'm more than happy to reconnect. Hell, one of the first few people I've met here I almost always jump online their birthday and half expect them to randomly be back for their nostalgia.
There are also some people on here I've met that I know without a doubt they'd be there for me if I needed to vent, and I like to think I offer the same thing to them when they're in need of that as well.

- Escape irl Stuff -
Another one that’s pretty self explanatory. I get people come here and wanna pretend to be a fictional character or a monster out of a science fiction franchise, just something else that’s great about this place. Plenty of interesting stories and character 3nodding

- Try and make a little currency on Here -
Aren't we all? I mean this one felt silly adding but.. Just look at the market here.

Random Messages
I'm fine with people sending me random messages, whether they're somehow expressing interest in something I have listed in the mp, or just a random conversation, I'm good with it. But I won't add a person after one silly conversation, and I'm not going to just give someone something.

Additional Stuff
I’m a firm believer of you shouldn’t judge or make assumptions about a person you don’t know.

I’ve also gotten to know some people on here. I’ve had countless medical issues, some adversities. So, a good chunk of my life I’ve had people make assumptions and I’ve gotten the chance to prove them wrong. Doesn’t mean I’m not guarded about it. That isn’t too present an issue on here. But usually if I tell someone online anything, it’s out of trust, whether or not it changes the dynamic between said friend and I.

There’s been other online experiences elsewhere, but really. At this point who hasn’t their own horror story about an online interaction?

So that's all I can currently think of. I'm bound to update this some more.. Plenty of times. But also made some of the reading optional. Cause that is kind of where we're at sometimes.


I some of my friends
Currently: Wishing I didn’t burn through my gold~