☆ Few things about me

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- I ♥ my friends.
(It's not about quantity, but quality. Some friends I'm more comfortable with than others. But, I will always give you as much respect as you give me.)

- I'm not always talkative, I will take my time on messages.
(I tend to speak my mind when I'm talkative.)
I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself. (Despite this long a** "about me" section. Yeah, I know.
(If I do talk to some people. Normally, messages will go on until one of us stops replying for some reason or another. I've also learned the hard way to be private on some stuff.)
Like some of you though, I am not on 24/7, so slow replies may happen during the week.

-I'm on zOMG! Sometimes. Whisper me sometime, friend D<

(Loved chatting in a lot of the places. Plus I bet some of you remember times where if you wanted an item all you had to do was play that game for a while and problem solved. Before the market went to a dark place and hit the trillions+ on items.)
But zOMG! to me was like a less creepy, fun version of towns.

- Your Persona/Online egos
A friend helped me realize this. But, I don't care about your online stature.
When I first joined here, I met a person in towns. A self titled celebrity in the forums. Some people are probably humble about it, others.. Not so much. This person acted like I should have known them. It was funny then, and it's funny now. Don't expect me to try and keep up with that stuff. I won't entertain it, or make fun of it. You're a human being in my eyes.

In other words: Leave that s**t on the lawn.
You want to pretend you're a vampire or something? Neat. Maybe some days I'll play along. You either have quite the imagination, or are trying your best to escape something. I can truly respect both 3nodding

You want to tell me how you're drowning in attention from viewers or subscribers on whatever the social media flavor of the week? I don't know how to respond to that. I think it's a joke how people seem to use those to measure their importance.
I have my doubts it is the future, and I know my grandparents didn't give a damn about it. You ever see your grandparents try social media for the first time, or try to figure out some new technology? It's hilarious.

- What I do online:
Elsewhere: I browse certain forums, watch videos,
play games, etc.

(Post sometimes.), On here: message friends, slowly reply to comments, and enjoy the constant changing of avis for all the choices we get here. Talk to friends on messengers. Same crap you do, right?
I feel silly for putting that in a spoiler.
So I can't imagine how you feel clicking that spoiler to read it. Man, what a let down.

- What I do offline:
* I work. Not always. Don't ask, it's not all that interesting.
* Play games (DS, PS, etc etc)
* Practice goofy voices (for friend's amusement, and my own.)
* Draw (rusty on drawing, not delusional enough to think it's art shop worthy either xD)
* Read (books, manga, comics.)
* Watch way too much tv (movies and anime included. Oh, and parody movies are a guilty pleasure I won't hide.)
* Occasionally swim (when it's not winter)
* I have a harmonica I'm trying to learn.(But pretty self conscious of others hearing me 'practice')
* Then I of course enjoy music. (Everyone says that, but really.. If I meet that one person who doesn't like music, that's terrifying as all hell. Even the deaf can find a way to enjoy music.)

- If I like an avi enough, or get some kind of good laugh out of a profile / store. I may send that person a message or gift.
Same applies to me seeing a person I notice questing something. I help, of my own free will.
No thanks necessary. I don't need thanks to know I did something right, however.. I cannot stop you from sending a thank you message if you choose, and I will respect that. I will thank you if I end up gifted by you though.
(So, I'm prone to hypocrisy.) Begging for donations or items will be ignored. You want free stuff - Hit the charity threads.
(I like to talk a bit before adding someone who may or may not talk to me as often and vice versa.)

- My stance on random messages
Item offers or random conversation, I'm fine with it. Just at least type normal. Don't care for text talk. Friends can always vent to me, that's something I can't stress enough.

For the Visitors - Who are probably MP related.

Comments are set to "friends only".
If you want to thank me, do it by message. Either way, I got an item, you got paid.
If you're here cause you saw something you wanted to buy in my store? PM is the way to go.

So, thanks for reading this!
See how I made some of the reading optional?
Come on, internet.

Cue the obligatory: "No random friend requests" message.
I'd rather talk a bit before adding or being added by someone.

No flashy or cool profile: But, I haven't learned to do much with my profile, really not wanting to be talked down to either for asking directions how. Plus a decent chunk of them have been a pain to navigate through.

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