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The ability of a being or creature to completely transform its physical form or shape. This is usually achieved through an inherent ability of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic. Ayame's mother is a human and her father is a shapeshifter, making her a "half breed" Many strangers have questioned her unique mix and she has even met a few like herself.

Hello, welcome to my profile! it's not much but it'll have to do.

-Casual roleplayer
-Happily taken heart BACK OFF

I enjoy things like anime, animals, video games, music, and a lot of other things. Sometimes quiet, but I'm pretty chill for the most part. If you have nothing nice to say to me or my friends I have no desire to talk to you, please take your negativity else where. Most of my time on here is spent playing zOMG, hanging out in the many chat areas with friends, or simply people watching. Feel free to say hello if you spot me.

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Floral Dreams Report | 02/10/2018 6:28 pm
Thank you and anytime love !! I like yours too I see you like Rwby >u> I'm a die hard fan !!
Jac Blackerwine Report | 02/01/2018 5:10 pm
You are so much welcome!
And thank you too for shelfing amazing items!
KairiXNamine1 Report | 01/31/2018 9:29 pm
no problem smile
Which item did i get? XD
IamTheWicked Report | 01/19/2018 12:01 am
Thanks for helping me become beautiful! Sorry, I'm new here.
ashe_lockheart Report | 01/12/2018 9:43 pm
welcomes whee
ashe_lockheart Report | 01/07/2018 6:33 am
this month...its like social stuff is on pause. my mom used to say stuff about death and illness being more constant since people remain inside a lot. idk, sorry i haven't been around, sometimes, i'm on skype but i don't say much. anyhoo, the bad stuff ends and people return like birds on holiday, don't loose hope and peep the jiggly pudding yum_puddi
NekoNomina Report | 01/05/2018 11:20 pm
ashe_lockheart Report | 01/03/2018 10:58 am
winter isn't over so its bound to get colder razz
ashe_lockheart Report | 01/03/2018 10:31 am
it was tiring but good. new year's day is my younger niece's birthday, she turned 2 4laugh

how was your's?
Anthony Kazuma Report | 12/28/2017 2:23 pm

-xAyameNatsumex-'s avatar

my friends

I will always be the light when your days are dark and I know you will do the same for me. Amazing people like you bring me joy everyday! the greatest friends a girl like me can have.

Thank you emotion_hug


My master