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Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/22/2023 5:43 pm
Welcome, welcome. 3nodding
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/12/2023 6:05 am
Happy Birthday!
Mizu Kamiya Report | 06/03/2023 7:37 pm
Yes I have! x'D
It's literally a click away just to save maps... in case I forget e-e'

And yeah sadly barely anyone on lately but if you join Zomg Discord Servers you will most likely find a crew! 3nodding
Mizu Kamiya Report | 04/09/2023 3:47 pm
Your Status ~ Sadly I haven't seen anyone use Turtle anymore in zomg rip emotion_skull
I only recently started playing ZOMG again but omfg sometimes it's so freaken laggy e-e
Mizu Kamiya Report | 01/13/2023 3:46 pm
~stalks~ Hi Nite! Yo! I keep forgetting to msg you but I was wondering are you Senju on steam?
The other day I saw it but I wasn't sure who it was and was wondering if you changed your username o:

But any who! Hello! xD
I hope you been well! I miss you guys! QwQ
Wolf McWolferson Report | 11/11/2022 2:08 pm
You are welcome, and I hope it was a great day. smile
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/12/2022 3:23 pm
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. smile
Mizu Kamiya Report | 12/04/2021 6:05 pm
I know it has miss you guys. I been good, you?
How are you lovebirds doing tho? :3
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/14/2021 4:37 pm
I have been okay, I hope you had a great birthday!
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/12/2021 12:16 pm
Happy Birthday! ^^