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"owari da."

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Mizu Kamiya Report | 11/07/2020 7:52 pm
It's okay I sometimes forget to reply too. Yeah haven't talked to giney myself except for flayebae.
I'll try messaging Giney sometime but I feel like it'll be awkward since haven't talked to her in so long ;-;
Did you talk to Happy about DST tho? 3nodding
Mizu Kamiya Report | 11/01/2020 11:56 pm
Yes playing together again would be fun! Mainly cause Happy would be joining us! OwO
I recently told Flayebae about Don't Starve Together she said it she'll check it out.
As for Giney I haven't talked to her in a long time. Have you guys? The last time I chatted with her was about Runescape?
Mizu Kamiya Report | 10/28/2020 9:41 pm
Happy!!! Yay! I didn't know she was into games but yes let's def brain wash her into them! Bwahahhaha *w*
Perfect Plan to get her into gaming! Hue hue hue hue
How have you two been? It feels like I'm watching a kdrama where my favorite ships sailed! LOL
emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/13/2020 2:26 am
You are very welcome. I am okay, I hope you are well!
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/12/2020 11:41 am
Happy Birthday!
Mizu Kamiya Report | 10/11/2020 5:00 pm
I've been all right, what about you? Miss you guys ;w;
Nite you should play Don't Starve Together with me just cause I haven't played it in a while lol
Mizu Kamiya Report | 09/12/2020 7:38 pm
Nite Nite Hai c:
peckishbird Report | 08/12/2020 4:52 pm
profile update looking cool!
Mizu Kamiya Report | 12/14/2019 12:38 pm
Thankies Nite ;-;

Just a few seconds ago I felt sad because I didn't mean to look but my Senpai mentioned something about having a crush on someone so now I'm like TT just like TT </3
Dis baka mizu still likes dis baka senpai yet he's already moving on and dis baka mizu will remain stupid af T__T'

Like you said I hope with time I'll be happy again or able to forget my Stupid Potato Q-Q
Nite please slap my Senpai for me! Thanks! LOL x'DDD

And was it really 2 years? I always rooted for you! I"m just glad that in the end things worked out with you two! >w<
My ship has sailed <3

You're always welcome to rant to me >:'3
Sorry for ranting too much on my side tho lawl x'DD

Ganbare to you too! *w*(o)
Me & Flayabae are huge supporters of dis required love x3
I hope one day we find someone who actually likes us without making us cry ;__;
Wolf McWolferson Report | 10/13/2019 8:30 pm
You are very welcome. ^_^

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