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About me

16 || Southern Cali || Hispanic || Hobbyist

Yo. It's Holy Hokage, or previously known as both SpaceK9 and Space Shinobi
Name's Max but call me either Wolf or Hokage.

A little bit about myself:

- I'm officially a Senior in High School ((Woot woot))
- I'm a student Traditional Artist, I've been drawing since elementary or so, main focus on Human/Canine anatomy
- Bit of a gamer. You can find me on my ps3, or most likely using my phone for Dokkan Battle
- Main interests are anime, (Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc.) entertainment, literature, music, art, and culinary arts as well as martial arts or any form of self defense
- I know my avi's gender is a boy, but I assure you, I am a female. Trust me, I know
- I can be shy most of the time and it's hard for me to open up to people due to past experiences but if you would like to chat, shoot me a message. I love meeting new people (:



Yo, Hokage here. Something interest you? Go ahead and buy it, it most likely costs one platinum tbh.

Every item bought helps me get one step closer to buying an item off my wishlist, every transaction helps!


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Art(Yes, made by me)

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The only knuckleheads
I can ever tolerate

yes, this is a female

The cutest Shinobi to ever exist <3