sweatdrop yea... random outburst right there lol

Ok lets get started with this About Me. For my stalkers this should please all 1 of you stare

OK, for starters I am a complete retard stressed

I am Mayul. I live in Sylvania, Goergia. I have the most awesome friends and the most losers of people I know at my school. Freaking dorks, and thats coming from me. emo I'm 16 years old w00tness. People tell that I don't act my age. Then ago i never do act my age(dumbassness part xp ).

Starlightspark~6 <333 is all I have to say about that matter. wink Oh yea I think you know what I'm talking about!

Friends are probley the most important thing to me EXCEPT!!!! my computer skiz-ilzes. I'll die if I ever lost them.
My family, I could care less about. Unless your my friend and your a family member, then you might as well say you OWN real life cause thats how its going to be cool Oh yea that smiley says it all!

Kendall Gegg, MY ******** BROTHER BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! Dueoh H. (banned account crying How we miss him dearly), Dueoh Helsite(current account and still running gaia cool BITCHES!!!!!!).

Pretty much, Questing for alot of stuff since 05' cool yea, I still haven't gotten anything that I really wanted except my Luna Sythe (bought with the first 10k i ever made. w00000000000000000000000t!), and my Luna Cloak (Dueoh gave to me!!! Thank you dearly).

There is a thing that you all should know about me and this fellow. lol. We are both Half-As.

HALF-A PRIDE!!! w000t!!!
Sorry, dumbass moment sweatdrop

Half-A? Whats that Mayul?

I'm glad you ask studio audience. A Half-A is a person who is born of a mixed race. For instance, lets take A Black Male and A White Female. They have a baby and BOOM! a Half-A is borned. This applies with any other two different race of people.

Thank you, Mayul for filling that in for us.

Your welcome studio audience.

Ok, theres someone I met the other day in a forum. This man is halarious rolleyes ! Yes, wink I'm talking about you Pommy! You have gotten lucky enough to be in my AWESOME twisted About me 3nodding .

Me: Say something Pommy. surprised

Pommy011: ...

Me: Pommy?

Pommy011: ... What?

Me: Say something to the veiwer.

Pommy011: Mayul give me your sythe and I'll say something.

Me: And there you go biggrin ! Pommy! Random As Hell!

Pommy011: ...? What? No! Give me your sythe. sad

Me: Alright Pommy, I'll give you my sythe wink

Pommy011: This isn't a joke.

Me: Well, were out of time everyone. Say goodbye to Pommy for being a good sport. smile

Pommy011: ...?

Me: *walks away*

Pommy011: scream What the hell!!!! scream

I reside many places on gaia, currently at "theycallhim_theskull" Million Gold Contest. If you have the chance check it out. cool Its almost as gangsta as unbreaded muffins.

So yea. Thats pretty much it in the eggshell. Anything else yall need to know...


Also, I love randomness. If life didn't have randomness I would die and probley take the world down with me because of it. =D



Mayul a lone wolf: journy to go-gaia

i am the wolf and the wolf is i this is only the beginning of a lifes tale



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jayjayof blue creek

Report | 11/02/2010 9:12 pm

jayjayof blue creek

Just a Random Comment, since you like random stuff, lol
Hearing your voice tonight I could so tell you and Du are brothers and you
both have that same since of humor, ha ha eek eek

Report | 08/22/2010 4:56 am


You wouldn't get cut off man, lol. But I do wish you were on more. crying
Hybrid Derek

Report | 07/14/2010 9:47 pm

Hybrid Derek

thanks for buying

Report | 06/27/2010 4:52 am


Spectacular Golden Halo. It's animated. Look at the bottom of my profile & you'll see it in motion. wink

Yeah, I shortened my username when I got modded. "orgy" wasn't exactly appropriate to have in a moderator name.

Do you mean the Announcements forum?

Dueoh Helsite

Report | 06/27/2010 2:41 am

Dueoh Helsite

Why do you look like an insecticoid cult member with a grim reaper complex?

I'mma need YOU to do better brudduh.

Report | 06/27/2010 2:27 am


That's artificial inflation. People cry & complain "OMG! ARTIFICIAL INFLATION!!!" on expensive items, Usually they have no ******** clue what they are talking about. Especially when an item is brand new & has no stable price yet. Plus, people forget that items are only worth what people pay for them.

In short, these 2 threads here explain a lot. This user seems to get it.



Report | 06/24/2010 3:09 pm


Lol, thanks! So I heard you were hanging with Ken recently huh? Sounds like fun! Wish I could join you guys. I'm about to make a quick dinner then head out tp the casino for some blackjack. They have freeplay if you swipe your card between 9am-midnight. Man, I hope I win some money tonight! blaugh
Fraeulein Makellosigkeit

Report | 06/15/2010 10:49 am

Fraeulein Makellosigkeit

I changed my username heart

I am Gagafied!
Fraeulein Makellosigkeit

Report | 06/12/2010 11:39 am

Fraeulein Makellosigkeit

Bing Bam Disco Man!

Report | 06/09/2010 7:04 pm


You know how it goes, I'm just doing my duty to help others out, hehe. What's been up man?



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