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»høωl føя мε.


I look up and you [i:1a55305b43]awoke[/i:1a55305b43],
You started [strike:1a55305b43]screaming[/strike:1a55305b43] through the [u:1a55305b43]duct tape[/u:1a55305b43],
Don't [b:1a55305b43]ever[/b:1a55305b43] think I'm letting you go.[/size:1a55305b43][/color:1a55305b43][/align:1a55305b43]

Fan letters.

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SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 09/17/2011 7:36 am
Well since we time skipped it won't matter anymore xD Basically what happened was people getting down for breakfast and Rabby came in and with his new microphone toy he put it at murderous volume that shook the house when he shouted on top of his lungs "Dingle berries." so more people woke up and some got in a bad mood. Then the guests already came and they were Lory and Misaki. Chris was awoken by Ei and he carried her and ran down the stairs to give his best friend Rabby a spinny hug. He did the same for Misaki. He then went to the kitchen and begged Luke, who is hosting the hungover Lory breakfast, to make crepes as did Ei. Remedy was with them from way before. So Chris ate with them and saved a couple for Rabby. Then he made an extra chocolate crepe and went up to Asake's room and splattered that on his face as a prank.

Meanwhile, Berk, Marcello's worst enemy, came into the house and was with Enya. This made Berk mad and they had a verbal argument till Enya got in the way and they went separate ways. Marcello went to play soccer with Deng and Vannity joined them. Luke decided to do Vannity's shopping for an upcoming party at the Zodiac Mansion.

Then is time skip and first day of school. Enya woke up and went to Marcello's room to throw a bucket of ice on his face to wake him up and she went down the kitchen waiting for him to make her breakfast.
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 09/16/2011 9:51 am
Hey Howl, the time skip to the first day of school has taken place. I hope I get to see you? Really miss you yo'.
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 09/15/2011 12:19 pm
Hey Howl,

I am going to time skip to the first day of school so I really hope that this time you'll post and be there B| So reply when you see this!!!
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 08/31/2011 2:13 pm
Well nothing much happened. Alright I'll give a synop as soon as I can.~
The hot stuff that was going on was the tiny face-off between Marcello and Berk.
The first noticeable thing that happened was Rabby using his mic on murderous volume
and shouted on top of his lungs on it while he was outside, almost shaking the house.

And now everyone's kinda separated in ways. I'll give you something better~
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 08/30/2011 4:05 pm
Howl, this is just to remind you that you need to post in ZHC before I start to spring clean. More and more people are voting for a time skip to the first day of school. I need to know if you are going to stay in the RP or not.
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 03/17/2011 4:27 pm
Hey there Howlers, how are you doing as of late? Haven't heard from you much but give me a hollar ya?
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 02/19/2011 3:38 pm
You replied too late D; I already asked Vianhart in sheer desperation xDDDDD *is bricked* T^T sowwwyyyy!
titsandwich Report | 02/19/2011 9:34 am
Akane Yue Valentine Report | 02/18/2011 9:51 am
Akane Yue Valentine
SiLLEH - - KiTTEH Report | 01/31/2011 9:09 am
Howlers... would it be selfish if I asked you for help in terms of creative ideas for a character of mine in terms of writing out her biography.... >______<
Because I need help here and I want to adopt your writing style for this x'D... this is so selfish of me. I should be ashamed!

Heartbroken Howl is Wolfie.

Heartbroken Howl's avatar

Gender: Female

Location: A place you wish you were

Occupation: Werewolf Psychologist

Wish upon a star.

So you want to know about me?

So, you want to know about me? I shall inform you in list format. :3

Some Things I Love:
-Friends and family. What would I do without them? Though sometimes I think I know too many people.
-Dressing eccentrically. Gothic-ly for example. I love fishnets.
-Pentagrams. Werewolf, thief's, druid's, ect. Not the satanic downward facing ones. No, I am not a Satan worshipper.
-Werewolves. Love them to death. I'm a werewolf! (Hence, the nickname Wolfie)
-Vampires. They aren't as cool as werewolves though.
-Thieves. Pretty much the best occupation of all time. Especially to roleplay with or write about.
-Pirates. Alright, tied for the best occupation of all time. I love Jack Sparrow.
-Assassins. This one's tied too.
-Thief/Assassin Werewolves who used to be pirates. (ha.)
-Music. I love music. I'm addicted to my iPod. I'm particularly fond of rock, metal and alternative.
-Movies. Fantasy, Horror, Action, Sci-Fi. I like scary movies a lot. And bloody movies too. :3
-Books. I consume books. Favorite genres are typically fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.
-Roleplaying. It's really fun making up stories with people. You never know what to expect.
-Writing. I'm writing a book. I'm going to be a famous author you know.
-Drawing. I love it. Fun, fun, fun. Lets loose steam, you know?
-The colors purple, black and red.
-Animals. Trust me, they are a whole lot better than us humans. And I love my Zooful of pets too.
-World domination... MUH HA HA HA HA! *coughhack*
-Gaia. Fun. Roleplaying is there. :3
-Office supplies. I don't know why. Random fetish I guess. Tape is my favorite office supply. :3
-Hamster treats. They taste really good, okay? x3 I was dared once to eat one, and now I love them. haha.

Some Things I Hate:
-Global warming. Take care of our planet already.
-Stupid people.
-Drama caused by people. It stresses me out. :[
-People who challenge me in some way and expect to win... (haha.)
-People who do win. I WILL DESTROY YOU!
-People who don't think I will bite or claw them when I threaten to. I will. Trust me. >:]
-Fakes and phonies. Just be yourself already.
-People who judge and stereotype. Especially those who do it to me. I don't fit in anywhere, and I like it. >:[
-People in general. Of course there are exceptions.
-Monkeys. The only animals I hate. Probably because they are too much like people. The little lemur things are alright though. They're more like squirrels.
-Clowns. They scare the crap out of me. Mimes are okay... and certain clowns like the Joker and Eric Draven's clown/mime getup from the Crow are okay. But the pink rainbow medley and huge fake smiles? *shudders*
-Vampires. Yes, I both love and hate them, okay? Geez. Need I explain? Everyone argues over which race is better. Werewolves are the obvious answer.
-Text talk in roleplays or places other than cell phones in general. Type out your damn words people.
-Illiteracy. It annoys me.
-Long drives. I drive ten hours every other weekend, isn't that enough?

Now you know. Feel free to send me a friend request or a PM. Got a good roleplay I could join? Send me a link! Meh luff roleplayz. :3

I draw avi arts. PM me!
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