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Favorite piece of art I received!

I love poetry, and everything about it.
I like to write stories.
I have a VERY hard time making friends and keeping them close. Edit: I have four friends; Britta, Jacqueline, Kate. . . Almost forgot Georgette. xD Were close...
I can make friends with young kids easily.
I like being a teachers pet. This is about me:


I am/was being bullied, but a kid named Evan, and I swear if I dont control my temper, were gonna get in a fist fight. D<
I dont like him because he called me 'Chloe the Slowy'. And shoved a phone in my ear saying, something not so nice... That happened when I was younger.

I was also in a talent show (When young), and was singing with Courtney (who later ignored me for no reason; edit; Will talk to me, but refuses to in public... xD), wanted to sing 'suddenly I see,' but we ended up singing 'big black horse and the cherry tree'. Since 'Suddenly I See' had the word 'hell' in it. D<

Katy; Doesnt stop singing...

Peter ; Is awesome...

Mom, I love her. Shes playful, and she has tattoos, (I created 2.) Shes nice.

Dad, Hes funny when he smiles, and cant find a good picture when smiling. XD


My family has
4 cats

Kimba, He is the nicest boy cat around and loves to play!

Sassy, She is shy, but very nice. Likes to play.- 12-15-07 died... She was put down, and I chose not to go. But I stayed with her till mom and dad went and took her to the vet....

Daisy, erm. . . If we wanted sassy we had to get her. . . She is nice-ish, but is extremely shy and will run away in a speed of light. But if you say still for an hour or more she might sit on you.

Scout, this is one of our newest cats. Hes playful, but sassy and daisy don't like him too much. He likes sitting in the laundry basket.

Squeak. Hes a good boy and loves to play. He is very calm though.

3 Dogs!

Rosie likes to play, but not to much. She likes to be petted, she is the calm one of the group. Retired agility dog. Chocolate lab.

Mika, you can hardly stop her from screaming or barking when someone is outside. She is VERY fast, and will hurt you if you run. She loves to play. She runs this house. She is a agility dog. Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever.

Belle, She is a copy cat of Mika, and had broken her leg. Luckily she has healed. She is nice but jumps on you if you come home. She tries to bite you but her grip is bad. She cant hurt you too much. Agility dog in training. Shetland sheepdog. (shelty.) Shes a puppy!

2 Lizards (Oh god, look what happened. DX)

Prince dots is a leopard gecko, and this is his 8th year (or more) with me! I love him to death.
Percy, hes a grand old Bearded Dragon, and likes to cheer on anyone that walks past him.- HES DIEING! DX Poor thing- DIED
Lily- bearded dragon- rest in piece. DX
Rose- Hiya, your pretty too! Very nice
another lizard- dunno his name...

0 Rabbit!

Zack, is a fat rabbit we got. We love him to a lot, but, I admit were spoiling him in love. My sister likes making him in a trance.

Sugar gliders (2)

Tigger, AND Winnie. We got these cute ol' things from a horrible home when we adopted them. They were nasty things, and were kept in tiny bird cages. But we adopted them and made them tame(r).
Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger. If you remember!

1 snake

Lucinda, Lucinda is a boy believe it or not! He is a very long corn snake but we love him.




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I wasn't expecting a gift; thank you hon <3
Queen Guu

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Queen Guu

That was super sweet of you thank you so much <3

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If you'd like to see pics of some of my quilts, I have them on my profile.
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`emerald king


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Thank you so much dear User Image heart

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thats for buying!! biggrin
Shutter Bug

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Shutter Bug

Cool Profile Page.
How'd you get to be a cow, if I may ask?

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thanks for the purchase! come back to my store anytime! ^-^
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Boo Horrorshow

Thank you for buying from me ^-^
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Count Doodlez

thank you for your purchase :3