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oO-Ui-Oo Report | 04/17/2024 12:55 am
You're welcome.
oO-Ui-Oo Report | 04/16/2024 12:47 am
Super cooooool avvy ;A;
That Girl Britty Report | 04/15/2024 2:47 am
That Girl Britty
There are certain things I don’t like doing as well, but I’m also super OCD about the way some things get done, it’s kinda like the best (or worst..) of both worlds. rofl
Well, I’m glad it’s seeming out to be only allergies! Allergies can be a huge pain in the arse though! So I hope they clear up quickly 3nodding

Here I am; back at work at 4am on a Monday. Waaaahhhh! crying wahmbulance
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 4:40 pm
That Girl Britty
Yeah, it’s too hot to want to do anything but I have to work, got a car payment to make in like a week :c
Adulting.. 0/10
I love grocery shopping sometimes though. c: just sucks bringing in all the groceries.
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 3:43 pm
That Girl Britty
I didn’t see your comment until now :c
I usually wear a mask when I’m feeling yucky too.
Are you feeling any better now? C:
I am off work (main job) and doing my deliveries.
I am off Tuesday and Wednesday this week (:
(My week starts Thursday, ends Wednesday)
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 10:08 am
That Girl Britty
Yaaaay! I’m super glad to hear that it feels better c:
I’m at work and I have to work tomorrow too. crying
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 10:01 am
That Girl Britty
So it ends up being tea and honey :3
You have to work today? Or are you lucky?
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 8:49 am
That Girl Britty
Indeed, that does make sense.
Yes but I don’t like lemon :c
Love the smell, don’t like to have it in my beverage. confused
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 8:25 am
That Girl Britty
Oh no! I hope it’s just allergies too! Sore throats are the absolute worst :c

I hope you feel better very quickly.
Drink some tea with honey c: that’s the best.
That Girl Britty Report | 04/14/2024 8:19 am
That Girl Britty
How are you doing today? (:


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