ΔβѲƲƬ ѦЄĦ!! :3

Howdy! C: My name is Brianna but you can call me Bree. I'm short and crazay. lol
Just kidding. I'm not crazay. Well...hmmm.....what should I say....:3
Ummm...I like to draw. And I like to read, A LOT. My nose is always in a book (lol that sounds funny). I like to talk and I love making new friends. If you ever want me to draw you something just ask. I am quite skilled at drawing! C:
Oh! I forgot to tell you how old I am. I'm 17!! WOO! Yeah unfortunately for me I was born in November, on the first day of hunting season so everyones always busy on my birthday. I'm bi-sexual so that means I like both sexes. (; Well..thats all I have to say. Toodles!
Lurves Y'all!

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