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Armed With Wings - By Daniel Sun

My Name is Vandheer Lorde

I had defeated the Rebel army and killed their Leader

Unfortunately my Wrongdoings returned to haunt me

The Leader was resurrected by some unknown means
as Two Beings, With the Strength of a warrior, and The Courage of an Eagle

His name was forever known as

"Blackmist-Armed With Wings"


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FF7 AC - Rain

Uncharted 2 - Science Among Thieves

Hellsing - Click Click Boom!


Sup can just call me 'Guil-Kun'
Or Takoshi. I live in Australia I'm an Amatuer Manga Artist (Finnaly got my Intous 3 Tablet) and I love to Listen To music (Metal, Punk/Emo And Techno) aswell as Roleplay........

I have many friends^^ They are all Supportive and Caring....And they are all dear to me.

My favorite Anime's are: Bakuretsu Tenshi, Black Lagoon, FMA, GITS, Darker Than Black, Hellsing, Deathnote, Black Cat, Gunslinger Girl, Soul Eater, Code Geass, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gungrave, Full Metal Panic, Devil May Cry, D-N Angel, Shuffle, Samurai Champloo
and about 200 more lololol

Fav colours are: Blue, Black, Red and purple....and white

I have a DeviantART account 'Blackrain8'

My Youtube Channel is 'Guilmon981'

atm i'm watching: Gunslinger Girl 2 IL Teatrino

and lastly i'm also Watching Soul Eater:
(I definatly recomend it....It's Kickass!)

Will soon be watching FMA Brotherhood (I hear it's really good)

Oh And I am Making a Manga in Photoshop with My Tablet
It's Called Demon Hunter X (I have pages on my Deviant Art)
It's about the Soul Survivor of an Ancient Race of beings, The Demon Hunters
And his Ultimate Quest, "kill 'EVERY' SINGLE Demon"

If ya wanna chat just send me a Pm or drop me a Comment, I'd Like to Talk to ya^^



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Kirill Alexander Lee Report | 10/15/2012 11:16 am
Kirill Alexander Lee
Heeeeeeeeeeey Guil! It's been a long, long time! How is it my brother? Do you still remember me? We used to talk a lot before. But then I left and stopped using Gaia for a while.
I hope you've been great and that we can hangout again. Btw. Do you have any membership in any other kind of chat sites or programs such as facebook, msn, etc?
Would be nice to hold contact with you once again my brother biggrin

Have a nice day Guil-kun.

Yours truly
soraaltima Report | 09/20/2011 9:25 am
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold
metamucil Report | 04/18/2011 3:31 pm
Bye Bye Mr Guil's!
metamucil Report | 03/25/2011 2:27 pm

Remember me?!
Kinda been awhile ^ ^"
Punk-PrinceXNight-WalkerX Report | 01/17/2011 1:27 pm
Punk-PrinceXNight-WalkerX u been?...hey i was wondering are u in zomg clan?...if not wanna join my clan?
Xameus Report | 12/24/2010 9:53 pm
Hey, have a happy christmas and such, take care guil-kun
Punk-PrinceXNight-WalkerX Report | 12/14/2010 5:33 pm
thanks... so what u been up to?
Punk-PrinceXNight-WalkerX Report | 12/14/2010 10:00 am
what up men long time no talk .... can u help me out vote for my avi pleased
Xameus Report | 11/26/2010 11:43 am
Im sorry to hear that, it must suck... the whole thing with stuff like that is hard, my parents were the same so yeah. At least its good to be optimistic if you can.
Hazel Angel Fire Report | 11/21/2010 3:07 pm
Hazel Angel Fire
lol yep ^_^