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"I will aid and protect anyone in need, no matter the circumstance, even should it mean putting myself in harms way. I will act according to the path that is just and true. My life is for the safety and happiness of those around me. I am a shield for those in danger, and a sword for those in need. I am an arm to support you when you fall, a shoulder to cry on when you're sad, and a hand to hold when you're lonely..."
-My Paladin's Oath


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Heh... sweatdrop
After wiping my profile so many times, I can't really think of what to put here...

My name is Jeremy, but I like to be called Sora online
I'm white
about 6 ft
Black hair
Brown eyes
I live in Macon,GA
I have glasses I'm supposed to wear, but I try not to most of the time.
I watch a lot of anime, and read manga
I wish I could draw, but I haven't been able to make anything nearly as good as when I was 14 (not that it was ever anything professional lol)
But I do love to see other peoples artworks, and I've been especially flattered to have people make avi art for my but I have lost most of them because of computer issues...

I have tried to have friends a few times, but it's only ever been girls. In school I was always bullied by boys or made fun, being called girly or sensitive, and the only boy I've ever gotten along with is my brother, but even he doesn't like to do stuff with me, and I've never met my father, so I'm only really close with my mother and sister.
Even online, I get a lot of messages and friend requests, but it's always
girls (I guess), saying I'm one of the nicest, kindest people they've ever talked to. But I have a hard enough time with one or two friends, so I normally turn them down...

I want to change, though.



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Meister Kyle Report | 05/05/2013 2:49 am
Meister Kyle
Thanks, yours is awesome too
Supreme Crimson Report | 11/17/2012 3:32 pm
Supreme Crimson

Stalky stalks back!



S00perPanda Report | 11/17/2012 4:37 am
Thank you ^^
allientis Report | 09/23/2012 5:14 pm
thanks, you're too kind 3nodding
allientis Report | 09/23/2012 8:16 am
haha i know how you feel. but my friends on here never get on anymore >:T
no one's really been getting on lately.
but don't feel bad about it, nothing wrong with that!
you seem like a nice person anyway, and i don't think you're wierd ^w^
Paper Pony Report | 09/21/2012 4:34 am
Paper Pony
Yeah, it's pretty fun. You have a lot more options than the traditional way. :3 I'm making you a surprise too
Paper Pony Report | 09/20/2012 5:19 pm
Paper Pony
Yeah, I'm a graphics artist, I try drawing every day.
Paper Pony Report | 09/20/2012 4:50 pm
Paper Pony
I've been doing okay, been busy with stuff. Yeah, I did draw those. They're just quick 5 minute things though xD I can draw a lot better.
Paper Pony Report | 09/20/2012 3:07 pm
Paper Pony
Lol, don't worry, I'm not that weird. o_O
So how have you been? :3
Paper Pony Report | 09/20/2012 3:03 pm
Paper Pony
Yayyy <3
(Oh and if you were wondering I let my friend Madison use Esld too, so don't think I'm crazy if you see my account posting here xD )
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