((Please take note of the fact this is a RP account. While it may be true for my character, the backstory isn't true for me. My true name and age is withheld, and some other bits here and there will be false as well. Also, some of what's false is actually partly true. Want to know more about the real me? You'll have to talk to me. razz ))

Really??? You want to know about me? Huh... Uh, well, what is there to say? To start with, my name would be an okay start, right? My name is Briazra. In full, Briazra Jazzlyn Sparks. It's quite an awesome name, is it not? ;P You're jelly, aren't you? I bet you are! I'm a 25-year old, American girl, born in the state of Massachusetts to wonderful parents.

Unfortunately, I didn't know my mother very long. She was funny and intelligent, and she was killed for her gifts of ESP, which were passed on to myself. My father is equally hilarious and quite the prankster. Most of who I am now comes from him. He is a cop, with skills as a detective that very few can match. Fortunately, I am friends with one who can. A consulting detective that pretty much every should know.

Anyway, I should get back to my mom for a moment, despite that it still grieves me to know she's gone. This happened when I was ten, and it was then that my visions came in the form of dreams. Because of what happened to her, my strong sense of morality and justice developed and grew quite rapidly. Ever since then, my visions more or less showed me only Sherlock.

It's anyone's guess why, perhaps it's because my destiny to be around the duo and help out, too? I don't know. Even before his career started, I saw him solve cases and finally I reach a point where I became determined to meet him.

I followed in my father's footsteps as a detective, junior level. I transferred myself from Massachusetts to London, England, to go to college there. After finishing college, I took a job under Lestrade at Scotland Yard, and quickly earned respect in the job. Also not very long after, I met Sherlock during a supposed suicide case.

It wasn't difficult to befriend either of them, though Sherlock was more difficult to then it was with Watson. I've sort of been known to inflate people's prides and egos, as long as I feel they deserve it. I figure that's primarily why he likes having me around, as well as I don't get easily frustrated or angry, unlike John. After all, the fact of my ESP was rapidly revealed, as it's very difficult to keep secrets from someone like Sherlock.

I suppose you may want to know more about what I'm like, huh? Well, first thing you should know is, music is my addiction. Any sort of music, too, as I am highly eclectic. You mention a song, any song at all, there's a good chance I'll know it. I'm very fond of dragons((Some RPs, she is one.))! And lastly, I write. A lot. Actually, me and John are very similar. Sherlock has even said on occasion that I am a perfect female replica of him. I can't really say I disagree, either, when you compare us side by side.

Anyway, I had best get going. Sherlock may have gotten a case while I've been typing away at this. If he has, he'll be annoyed that I've kept him waiting. So.... So long, and have amazing holidays!!! Feel free to shoot me a wire and I'll get back to ya!

P.S. Don't tell Sherlock Holmes HSCD, but I and my friend, Rin, were the ones to show Ms. Hudson how to hack his computer and Gaia account( xp ). It figures he would use that vile, wretched... Thing's name for it... stressed ((Not really... At least... I don't think. o.o?))


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Fathoms Towards the Impossible

Not everything is as it may seem. Some things are the complete opposite of how they appear...

More or less, this will hold the rough drafts to my fantasy stories, poetry, and blogs about my impossible beliefs.



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