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All About Fireweed_Honey

I'm Fireweed_honey and I love to write. Below is a link to my novel that I am editing in hopes of getting it published. I am also putting in a list of stories I want to write someday. When any of them are started, I will put in where they can be found. I hope my writing brings you as much enjoyment in reading them as I had in writing them.

Future list:
Space Station Olympus Series: A series of books set in a space station where the Greek gods rule over the humans and various myths are replayed over and over again.
Book 1: Iona
The story of Eros and Psyche. Eros has gained a new host and must find a new wife, much to the displeasure of the current Psyche. The chosen woman, Iona, could become a goddess...if she survives.
This book is published. Click HERE
Book 2: Kore
The story of Hades and Persephone. Now that Hades has gained a new host body, he must woo the new daughter of Demeter and convince her to accept the name of Persephone. Not only is Minthe hanging around, and wants to be the next Queen of the Underworld, but this Kore was conceived with a great secret.
Set to be written in April 2015 and June 2015 during Camp Nano. Will be published November 2016.
Book 3: Lykaios
An original myth about a young boy chosen by the gods and the daughter of Psyche. Drawing on parts of Orpheus and a Roman myth of Lyander and Hero, Lykaios, son of Theron, must discover his birthright as he travels into the Underworld to rescue the woman he loves.
Each story in this series is set up to show the world through the different eyes set in mythology. Iona is set to show the world through the eyes of a mortal destined to be a god, Kore shows the world through the gods' eyes, and Lykaios is that of a mortal hero.
Book 4: Medea
We know the story of how Jason got the Golden Fleece and was later betrayed by Medea, his wife. But, here is her story in true Space Station Olympus fashion.

Verucca Victorious
When she woke up in a strange place with a new name, it wasn’t anything new. Verucca was a character. She existed only to fulfill the will of the Author and further a Story. But this time was different. Waking, she finds that she is not the ugly stepmother, evil witch, or abusive parent. She’s successful with a handsome fiance. As she tries to figure out what the Story could be, she sees only a Happily Ever After in her future. She’s a bit of a hard taskmaster, so maybe it’s a Christmas Carol kind of story, where she learns her lesson at the end. After all, she does have her very own Bob Crotchet. Or, because she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world, maybe it’s a Make Over story, where her fiance will realize he loved her all along. Shallow, but she’ll take it.

Then, things start to go wrong. Verucca realizes she is not the heroine, that this is not her Happily Ever After. She’s supposed to just sit back and let the Author take control and tell the Story. She’s supposed to allow herself to be regulated to the ugly woman and let the real – and beautiful – heroine shine.

Not this time! Verucca wants her Happily Ever After, and she’s willing to fight the will of the Author to get it!
To be published November 2015

The Night Flyers Working title, may change
Katelynn was born into a world ruled by the Invaders. To survive, she must only travel by day, hide by night, and keep silent. With only her little sister as her companion, she believes that being alone is the only way to survive. However, one of the Invaders seems to be tracking her and her sister, upon meeting other humans, wants to join a group. In her travels, Katelynn discovers the many secrets of this new Earth and makes her final stand.

Misti Delongchamp, Vampire Slayer: To nearly all who know her, Misti is the perfect trophy wife, an airhead blonde who cares only for her looks, her spa days, gossiping, parties, and her perfect family. But, to a select few, she's known as a secret vampire slayer, working in disguise to rid the world of the vampires that plague mankind. In between her nail appointments, spa treatments, picking up the dry cleaning and entertaining, she works for the Marcian Foundation. All too soon, her lifestyle is going to come crashing down.
Misti's Secret
A powerful vampire lord has entered the ideal and rich community of Briar Court, and it's up to Misti to keep him from feasting on the residents. However, she is ordered by her boss, the very mysterious Marcian, to leave this one alone. Misti can't. Not when the vampire lord has targeted her family.
Handwritten novel, not yet typed into my computer
Rosa's Betrayal
After the first battle with the vampire lord Aaron Griffin, Misti knows he will not rest until he has control of her little family. Her husband, Charlie, appears fully under the sway of the undead, and Aaron is proving to be harder to kill than the normal vampires Misti has hunted. The worst, though, is Aaron's beautiful minion, Rosa, who had staked her claim on Charlie.
The Decision
The final showdown between Aaron and the Marcian Foundation. Finally, all secrets will be revealed as to the past between Aaron and Marcian. Misti is caught in the middle with problems of her own. Charlie knows about vampires, and he wants to join them. And he wants to take his daughter, Litzy, with him.

The Forbidden Magic series: A series of political intrigue set in a fantasy world.
Book 1: Forbidden Magic
Princess Dione weds a man she is not in love with to further a treaty between their peoples. Coming from a land where magic is outlawed, she is horrified to find out that she possess the gift. If it were discovered, she'd be banished from her home kingdom and never to see her family again. A warring kingdom whose ruling prince is obsessed with her finds out and blackmails her into giving him military secrets. Dione must discover her own strength and fight back, or lose the war.
Book 2: Fighting Treasure
The last anyone knew of Princess Dione was her death. But, death is a fickle thing when destiny is in play. Reborn as a girl named Starla on Earth, she forgets her old life. Until they find her and drag her back. No longer is she the princess they remember, but a woman who knows her own mind and will be the deciding factor in the war. Kingdoms will rise or fall at her command.

The Extraordinary Trial of Rupert Stanley
Rupert is a vampire, living in world where vampires are forced to live in slums for the protection of the humans. Wanting to make a difference after the death of a friend, he goes back to college to be a lawyer. After he is accused of trying to kill a human - an offense punishable by death - he manages to convince the public he deserves a trail. Win or lose, he will make history.


I have published a book!

IONA Book 1 in the Space Station Olympus series.


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Toy Sama Report | 08/19/2013 6:35 am
Toy Sama
cool avi
Xedhadeaus Report | 08/03/2012 10:01 am
What the girl below me said...
sapphira karkadann Report | 07/26/2012 10:38 pm
sapphira karkadann
I adore your avatar. So dark, yet elegant. heart
Geene Rain Report | 05/22/2012 3:23 pm
Geene Rain
Geene Rain Report | 05/22/2012 3:13 pm
Geene Rain
you bought my book????
Geene Rain Report | 05/22/2012 3:10 pm
Geene Rain
this is ok but you should read my story then maybe buy my book
Akemi Mercuraki Report | 05/20/2012 8:50 am
Akemi Mercuraki
Do you RP? I haven't seen you do so.
I think you'd be the kind of person who'd like it once trying it.
Since you are such a literary person.
prin integrity Report | 05/17/2012 1:38 pm
prin integrity
well, i'm not sure how to describe them. they're realistic fiction, but there's a lot of supernatural in them. it's hard to explain. and i create my own worlds for my stories and I make the languages to go with them.
prin integrity Report | 05/17/2012 1:33 pm
prin integrity
nice. do you know how to get books published? i also write books, but mine are really, really weird.
prin integrity Report | 05/17/2012 1:29 pm
prin integrity
Your books sound interesting. I am so tired of all the new books coming out today that I am actually considering reading unpublished works. How far along are you in your stories?