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RyanJakobi Report | 09/05/2015 4:39 pm
I apologize for taking so long to respond to your marriage request. Apparently bacon has very little civil rights involving civil unions and dairy caps are considered improper wedding wear.

Maybe we should just elope.
Annikou Report | 12/22/2014 2:06 pm
Merry Christmas ~ User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Krissim Klaw Report | 12/20/2014 10:12 pm
Krissim Klaw
Someone needs to add a wishlist to their profile so I can figure out what to get that someone for Christmas. ;<
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/25/2014 9:01 am
Krissim Klaw
Thank you so much. I'm not sure what I will play with first. <3

The mice thing? You mean transformice? As for the one in development I was talking about Skye, which I showed you. Pretty art but the updates of any actual site development are few and far between.

I'm beginning to loose hope.
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/24/2014 3:51 pm
Krissim Klaw
*Looks at trade* Wow, that is a ton of stuff off my wishlist. Are you sure you want to gift me all of that? eek heart

I wish I had a place to recommend. Gaia is so boring and dull I would leave in a heartbeat if there was even a halfway decent substitute. The only site I was watching and already linked you to at one point seems like it is going to be another of those, in permanent development phase. u___u
IAmGodMode Report | 11/22/2014 9:46 am
Which item is your tail? biggrin
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/10/2014 5:38 pm
Krissim Klaw
Lol I know. That spider would be so epic to scare people yet at that price way too risky. lol

I'm in FL. If you can see what the price would be to ship two together in a box because if I went through all this to get it over here I might as well get two so I can have battles with people. I know the pricing can be wonky when it comes to international shipping, even if it is via snail mail.

If you decide to get one, they also have a variation in the store that has black legs instead of white. Personally I like the white legs better since then if you play in low light you can still see the legs. I've had this video saved for years now of them in action.
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/10/2014 4:38 pm
Krissim Klaw
Isn't that spider the most epic thing! I discovered that while it was still in the development phase. Sadly it was way to pricey and delicate but they are coming out with a second more durable model that will be a step in the right direction price-wise for me to pick up one day. At $700 it is still more than I would want to splurge on it, but I'm looking forward to where they take it as time passes. I expect the prices will only continue to fall as technology advances in future gens.

Oh man, I might seriously take you up on that offer assuming the shipping doesn't come out to insanely. Do you think you can get an estimate on what it will cost to ship something that size if I give you my address? I have tried to find one of the companies in the past that would ship international but none of the companies that carried them would and I couldn't even find any on ebay. Hahahaha and great minds think alike. I have been thinking how much I would like to pick up some for my two younger cousins for Christmas. rofl
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/10/2014 3:09 pm
Krissim Klaw
I am totally jelly of the UK's robot bugs.

Why won't you share with the USA? I've been hoping we would get a version over here but the closest we got is a crappier looking one that needs an Iphone for the control. I'm not buying an Iphone so I can play with a robot bug. crying
Krissim Klaw Report | 11/05/2014 8:25 pm
Krissim Klaw
Hahaha, there are indeed a lot of bugs where I live. You guys can get some really cool stuff in cultures though. It always seems like those in your area get all sorts of exotic mantises that enter the hobby long before the USA does. Shipping in live stuff across the border here is hard.