Hai there~
Im Sommer Rayne , No Really Thats My Name My Birth Cirtificate Says ; November 6th 1994
I Suck At Math And Hate Justin Bieber (:
I Have One Best Friend Who Is Noe Hacked D;
I accept random adds but expect for me to ask your your name (:
i have a Dog And 5 cats <3
im like 5 foot so yah im short
oh lookies dats mai face! v
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Glitterocalypse Report | 12/01/2011 10:41 am

Hey ^_^ If you're deleting your gaia could you donate a little?
And if not, IM me since you're on my friends list, we should be friends biggrin

Nina Edwards Report | 11/06/2011 3:19 am
Nina Edwards
hi..h r u?
i just wanna say...
Happy Birthday!!!
Jafol8 Report | 11/03/2011 3:52 pm
I miss you
buren Report | 08/26/2011 4:00 pm
O.o? I am? >.>
I ring farmed to get past 10 :3
People rarely do it anymore, but you go to Gold Beach and go to the whirl pool place
Yomihime-Chan Report | 07/13/2011 9:42 am
Fair enough and thankiies.
Strange isn't it! XD

I shall accept you now! :3
Yomihime-Chan Report | 07/13/2011 5:41 am
Yo, thankiies for the add, but since it's a random one before I accept, is there any reason you added me!?
Wizop Report | 07/12/2011 9:01 pm
Follow me if you can baby <3
-KakashiOxide- Report | 06/28/2011 8:27 pm
thanks for buying wink
The Fault In Our Lives Report | 06/26/2011 7:24 pm
The Fault In Our Lives
thanks for the buy 66
xAznBuNNii Report | 06/21/2011 6:15 pm
♥ ~ [ Thanks for your purchase!~ :'D ] ~ ♥

♥ ~ [ Courtesy of xAzNBuNNii ] ~ ♥

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i love pikachu <3