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On Gaia!
I joined this site on Feb 9th 2008 and have been very active since. A few small hiatus here and there, but I always come back.
I love matching and well-made avatars. I'll more than likely comment you if your avatar catches my eye. My avatars are always matching and I like using lots of colours, they also tend to be girly these days...

I can be found in these forums: Charity/quests, Art/Mini Shops, Chatterbox when I'm bored.
I've had many types of thread: Gift giving, charity, art, art request, profile/graphic making, help threads, quest.
I like to think I know how to Gaia.

My name isn't as cute as you think, it means Underworld Princess. So... Mwahahaha!?

If you want to say hi, just do so.
Probably won't accept a random friend request.

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Outside Gaia
I am taken, now and forever. I call him my partner instead of boyfriend, that term just doesn't fit how I feel about him.
If I had to pick one word to describe me it would be Otaku. And I'm probably Yandere...

I'm asocial and don't know how to people.
My moods go from happy to sad far to quickly these days, and I can be extremely blunt, especially towards stupidity and I am incredibly honest. So much so that if I don't like you, I'll just say it. I'm very straight forward.
I do try my best to help people to the best that I can, but my own life will always come first. I get effected by other people's emotions too much, and I call people friends far too fast... My brain just doesn't know how to work around people.
OCD about organization and a perfectionist. I'm a realist over positive/negative.

For some reason people like the fact that I'm British, still haven't quite figured out why. I do like the classic Brit idea though, with top hats and afternoon crumpets.
I don't like cake, chocolate or many sweet things, but yes, I am a girl. Shocking, right? Though I do appreciate good food and cooking it! I may have an mild addiction to Cola...
I wear glasses and I have a love/hate thing going on...
Favourite animal? Reptiles. I also like learning and enjoy math.

I love reading. My favourite books/series are: Poison Study, Seraphina, Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Anime/manga play a big part in my life. Go here for more about what I've watched/read. it's a very useful site. Or, just talk to me about D.Gray-Man.
I'm a big yaoi fan. I won't talk to you about it so don't worry, I'm not the sort of person to force it on others.
I love animated films. Classics such as the Lion King and more newer stuff, but How to Train your Dragon will always be my favourite. I adore Tim Burton films. Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride are my favourite. I've watched all the newer ones and I'm working on the older.
I am somewhat addicted to minecraft... And also play the Sims. As of Jan '15, a very committed player on Mabinogi.
I like Pokemon and collect the cards. My favourite types are dragon, poison, and ghost. Favourite Pokemon are Axew, his evo's and the Eevee collection.
I have a massive cuddly toy collection and am into alt fashion, my favourites being; Fairy Kei and Cyber Goth.

I will always be a little girl at heart!

I dislike text talk, use it and I will tell you that if you keep using it with me, I won't talk to you. It gets under my skin. It's your own language, use it! I'm not the best speller, but I will try. I normally put (sp?) when I know I can't spell a word right, even with spell check... But I try and that's what's important!

I completely and utterly HATE liers. So don't even bother. There is nothing wrong with the truth, even if it hurts. I will not sit down and shut up if I'm right. I go b***h, so watch out and don't wrong me.

I am against harmful drugs and excessive drinking. The odd night out once a month or special occasion is fine by me.

I am afraid of, and it's a big list: Needles but not piercing needles as much. There IS a difference. A have a massive fear of pain, even small pains. If I bump my knee, my whole body just freezes up and doesn't work. I don't like elevators since my coat got caught in the doors of one while I was walking out when I was a kid. I also hate being trapped in general. HUMAN skulls creep me out. Anything with more than six legs is completely wrong in my eyes, mainly spiders and centi/millipedes. I also hate tentacles; octopus and squid scare the days out of me. I'm ok with scorpions, go figure. Thunder, but only at night. Pitch black dark, but I like nighttime over day, and I also like the concept of darkness, shadows and whatnot. The colour orange makes me feel sick and I don't like the feel of sponges or nail files. I'm a giant wuss, I really am.

I'm also a sickly person. I should of been taken up a mountain to die when I was born, really. I'm very weak and have so much wrong with me I can't be bothered to type it all.

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Thank you to Lady Saxophone for all her help with my coding questions!