Hello, I'm finally getting around to re-writing this!

First of all, you can call me Cassie! However, i do have a plethora of nicknames so feel free to add to the pile.
Currently I'm 22 and a college graduate

I like a lot of things, here are some of them:

-Music artists/bands/genres:

Basshunter ,vocaloid,Owl city, Linkin park,Nickel back, Panic! At the Disco, three days grace, good Charlotte, Hilary duff, Pentatonix, and Elliot Yamin.

I like classical, rock, alternative, eletronica, trance (nightcore), hip hop, and whatever sounds good to me!

- Animes/mangas:

REBORN!,Naruto, Captive hearts, Death note,Inuyasha, Shougo chara,Mars, Mushi-shi, Hunter X Hunter, Kuroko no Basuke, Uta no Prince-sama, Sekai ichi hatsukoi! , The World Only God Knows, Your Lie in April, Baby Steps, Chaika Coffin Princess, Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, Blue Exorcist, Moribito: Gaurdian of the water spirit, Love Stage!!, Zatch Bell! ,Chihayafuru, Polar Bear Cafe, .... AND SO MANY MORE!

And me..? Well,
I like to play video games, hang out with friends, draw and cook and play instruments sometimes ( I played the flute).

I probably spend wayyyy to much time playing video games like Pokemon, Bravely Default, Runescape, League of Legends, and of course, Gaia!

I do draw a lot more than most other things I do. I have some art shops that pop-up around here sometimes, but you can always see my art on Devianart. My user name there is BasicVanilla, but recently I've been less active.

However, my true passions are language and plants! I have taken 8 years of French and I know a bit of Japanese and German too!
Allors, oui, parle avec moi en Francais ;P

But yes, I looooove plants! They're so... cool. I like how they're so mysterious and so little science has been done on them compared to other fields. I especially like Carnivorous plants and the fungi kingdom


My personality is hard to pin-down since I adapt my attitude to the people around me. I'm pretty open to ideas too! Feel free to chat with me!

But, I love random friend invites! The more the merrier.

THough, I'm a little shy sometimes too... redface

Relationship Status: Captured heart


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Random Writings


This is just full of random stories,notices and poems.


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I see that you've been on! I should see if I have some items I can offload gift to you. wink
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

gaia_angelleft hi long time no see hope you been well surprised gaia_angelright
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

hi surprised
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

im good hope ur weeks going well
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

long time no see hi
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

hi how are you and sorry i now its 2 or 3 days late but happy new year 3nodding
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

hi sorry haven't talk to you in a min been busy and i was low on data how u been
Usagi Ui Asuna

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Usagi Ui Asuna

hay how u been sorry i havn't talk to u in a min been busy irl with school and gaia been actting up how'v u been anything new



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