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The art of prestidigitation relies on the ratiocination as well the quintessence of one's anatomy.


Quick Information.

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Name: Endymion Voltech
Age: Unknown (Appears around 30-35)
Type: Unknown
Height: 7'4
Birth: Unknown
Location: Endymion's Palace.
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Gender: Male
Status: Master of magic and spells. {Highest level}
Summary of abilities: Levitation, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Warlock, Necromancer, Wizard, Spell caster, and Summoner.

All other information is stored in journal.

Summary so far.

Endymion came to Gaia in hopes to start a simple magicians class. As well as prove to other beings of his power. He hopes that he will find other beings who uses spells to test his abilities with them. To some day meeting a being who is capable of learning his very powers. He uses these forms known as Spell counters as well as other nomical sources.Nomical as in other theories of magic. He's surpass over every magician so far. He won't stop either and he isn't above cheating to keep his title as master.

Summary of his Palace.

Homing over Gargantua es of magic. That of which can not be taken or change by any other magical or spell sources known to existence. This also categorizes any form of power.
The palace can not also be pierced or harm by any form of attack. As the only way inside is through the very front doors. This also means that beings can not teleport with in or find a way to slip inside the magical barrier. Endymion studies of knowledge of books rest inside the very village and palace of this massive place. The large tower which feeds down the generation of magic that keeps beings from getting inside is consider Endymion very palace. Only those who are worthy of entering this great place may pass through the doors of the palace. Those who are looked at with some glory may enter this barrier though. The doors are also fit with the barrier there for can not be enter or destroyed.


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Endymion's Quintessences of philosophy.

Here I write down my astute philosophy, knowledge, accomplishments, as well as other sources. You are welcome to read my journal. Do not ask me though if you can not understand my words. That is not of my concern for your comprehension.

Endymion Theme Song.


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