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Need to know things about Triv.

Name:James Wilmgard Martel.

Alias:Admiral Triv

Age:3/21/409 A.D.

Race: Human



Marital Status: Currently in a relationship with J'zen White.

Gadgets and Items:
The Gauntlet: He usually carries a gauntlet on his right arm that has certain qualities that assist him in combat do to the magic properties imbued into it and other things that help make it hard to break or crack. He has it built in with many functions such as to help increase his strength with that specific arm so he can handle things at more critical moments, or do to his recent Nano tech that he has been experimenting with it can inject him with those to help fight off any infections or venom's put into him which is a one time sort of deal until he gets more medical ones to take the place of the used ones, and the gauntlet can be repaired by the helpful little bots as well to keep its functions going in serious fights. He has a hidden blade on the back hand part of it that is blessed and created of silver seeing how he made this tool when he was going against creatures that had those as weaknesses,but the blade still comes in handy when ever he needs a weapon.

The Eyepiece/Communicator: He always has his an eyepiece on him which is usually just carried with for when he does need it. It serves as his communicator, and his tracker for those multiple eye bots he has. It can check on them at any given moment if he needs to spy in on something or look into something going on. It also serves as his on the run computer for when he needs to check something up or for hacking into something when the time comes for that.

The Eyebots: He has a creation that is always with him which is his eye bot's. They are small sphere shaped robots with a small retina on one part of it that is its camera and eye. They also have small wings that can keep them going and be more quiet this way,and they are generally small making them hard to spot. The older versions of them back when Triv was more mad had actual living parts built into them for when their power would go out so they could last longer when the tech went down or the power did. Of course,most of those have been put down,but some still remain.The newer ones carry nano tech like most of his creations do,and they can even be used to repair items or wounds at the expense of that one bot,but plenty are there to replace them.

His "Magic bag": He always has his bag on him that carries Tesla grenades,syringes that contain substances that can put someone to sleep or help resist injuries and kill serious pain or even poisons. He also uses it store interesting objects,and treasures that he finds or takes from battles with enemies or simple base raids. Or just the his ammo and his eye piece.The bag itself has magic properties to carry it all. Almost built like an empty void.

His 44. Revolver: He also carries a 44. Revolver that has a variety of ammo depending on the situation that is at hand.The gun itself has been crafted by the hands of Triv to endure rough conditions and if it was to break it would just be able to be put back together,even if cut in half it was built with certain joint at every piece to be able to reattach to one another.

His Sword: He also uses a sword that he can summon by his own thought that has been crafted by his own hands to never break or crack with the various metals and properties in it.

His Watch or Teleporter: He also carries a pocket watch that takes the place of his teleporter's controls,and to control his many creations by a push of a button. And of course to tell the time

Helm of Hades: Another rare item that he has is Hades helmet.I ts a long story on how he got it,but its one of the many artifacts,and rare items that he has in his care. This helm is on Triv at all times,in the guise of his hat. When he wishes he can become "invisible and undetectable because it was not made of this world, this lifetime or by any demon hands."

Powers and Abilities:
He can use varieties of magics do to the fact that he has studied it through most of his long life. But,he is also a water elemental so he uses those such more often. These such elemental affects allow him to form it at will and even use it to heal wounds or freeze someone in a block of ice if used properly.
He has a strange connection with technology that allows him to control any,and all technology,but why is something that isn't known by even him. Maybe from everything he has done to his body? He can take a good beating before falling do to a few experiments that he ran on himself increasing his endurance,and strength to higher measures,but he is no superhuman. He also has eyes that he made himself that allow him to see things that can't be seen with the human eye,and they also allow him to see further distance,and with years of testing he has managed to give one of the eyes the ability to manipulate memories or even look into them himself . Another gift that he has been granted is the ability to separate ones soul from their body if he can get the chance,and the "manipulation of blood and energy, and with spoken word" he may have his advantage with that. These last two abilities were blessed onto him by another being that believed he would use the powers the right way,but he only uses these if he has little choice.

Recent History sad All History down below, only read if you want to know more of Triv himself.)
Older History:When the world was at the beginning of great history and the settlements were built, Triv had simply become one of the many settlers and there he remained while the world inevitably grew. This was his first real significant time for him, but he has been recorded in records much earlier then this. Behind the scenes and a simpleton. During his occupation, in the new world, he participated in many historic events, but never mentions any of them, because something’s are better left unsaid unless they are inquired. As time passed like clockwork, Triv took the role of a scientist in his own studies while keeping what he learned to himself, but becoming one of the greatest in that time just hidden from the world. Triv participated in other events watching the world rise and fall through the generations, from chaos to order every time. He has fought in every recent war as nothing but a soldier- a fierce and obedient human fighting for North America until finally disappearing into the age of rising heroes and letting them take their own place where he once stood. However, eventually as with life came new events that once again promised great change if not for the better or worse. Triv became a villain for a change of pace, a mad scientist to be precise. It was at this point where he had spent the time of his in building his lab on an island that he had been at many years before, and had been in the process of developing it for a long while adding piece by piece to it. He needed resources and people, in which he took and used for his own purposes. For the benefit of mankind for years to come he'd say. In this next chapter, of his life. Here had met a girl by the name of Flannery Aurora and her brother Nick Aurora. The first members of the Lab that wasn't made within its walls, and a great addition at that. Both in which had been taken under his wing and guidance with them recently becoming orphans.

More Personal History:With the heroes and all their glory coming to its peek, it was only a matter of time until he came toe to toe with both sides. He came up against the Lantern corps first, the Red corps, where he had sent a cyborg to gather information on them, and even had a run in with a few villains and heroes. Soon after tiring of all the fighting, he put it all to rest since he had seen that all his hard and honest work went unnoticed. He never got the credit he fought from either side, good or evil, he was in no ones ranks. Sure, he could have continued but the fact that he was forgotten in so little time brought him back into his lab where he stayed buried back in his magic studies again. Sore and frustrated, like the old man he was. He has some allies out there, though, that he still keeps an eye on. Especially one mutant that stood out, who had gotten into a mess once again where he helped her out which led onto many new things that were of significance. He later met Jacob Howlett after that which took place only hours after the event with the mutant, and then Hope. A game with Hayden Grimm, had been taken seriously by Triv and Jacob, had lead to Jacob making threats and Triv being one to take threats serious had led to plenty more trouble. Which should be dually noted to all. Sometime later that he met Hope, who would later come into the bigger picture. Old Triv was suddenly left alone again feeling forgotten by the world once again as he always was.

More Recent History:On one occasion Gluttony had forced the sin of Envy into Triv, since he had decided that Triv was a most excellent host for it, and though Trigon had M.I.A when this held significance, and when the heroes came to collect the sins they had never made it to Triv, perhaps since the reasons for collecting them was meaningless by then. Gluttony later returning to claim the sin for himself. This is where he now spends his time, retired from his past and living as normal a life as possible- though, he is always around and if ever asked, he will help those in need again, but only if asked of him. He watches and keeps a close eye on the world, waiting for the right time to emerge help when he is truly needed. From here on out the rest is history and even in the making, we find adventures ahead and in our pasts. Ask any question and you might find him more than willing to answer..


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Jzen White Report | 01/04/2018 7:07 pm
Jzen White
heart gaia_star Happy New Years to you! gaia_star heart
mrgreen I hope to see you online in the near future sometime! mrgreen
Jzen White Report | 08/10/2017 8:47 pm
Jzen White
emotion_hug heart
Halsey Jenkins Report | 03/09/2017 7:54 pm
Halsey Jenkins
Oh my god you're ******** alive..
Halsey Jenkins Report | 03/09/2017 7:48 pm
Halsey Jenkins
Jzen White Report | 06/25/2016 1:25 pm
Jzen White
emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Jzen White Report | 04/17/2015 1:17 pm
Jzen White
Eeeeeee! ^^ Your back! emotion_kirakira Your back! *hugs tightly before releasing him* Heee! It's so good to see you!

We can do a time skip! ^___^ I'm cool with that! whee heart
FROGSISTER Report | 04/17/2015 9:44 am
She folded her arms behind her slender frame with an oddly friendly smile. " you'll know when I need them" she chirped as she turned with fiegned friendly wave and walked out the door.
FROGSISTER Report | 04/16/2015 5:42 pm
" well you bit me. round the first time we started being fools" she paused with a shake of her hand, " pardon me - i mean he shared our blood with you" she clapped her hands and rubbed them together in a determined thought before placing her hands on her hips. " so soon i believe i will take advantage of that and call in a few favors, " she turned back to him " if you dont mind"
FROGSISTER Report | 04/16/2015 9:15 am
she turned and pointed directly at him with deep thought. " do you remember when you bit me and then jake? " she crossed her arms in her recollection..
FROGSISTER Report | 04/16/2015 9:07 am
( can i borrow trivs kid sometime?) Lol



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