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The Snow White Queen


Real Name: Emma Grace Frost
Categorization: Mutant

Aliases: White Queen, Black Queen
Nationality: American

Powers and Abilities:
telepath mind to mind communication, mind reading, mind control, paralysis, possession, hypnosis, pain stimulation, and the creation of powerful blasts (psi-bolts)
diamond form able to turn her skin into a diamond substance, granting her extreme resistance to damage, invulnerability to cold and heat, enhanced speed, superhuman strength (though her strength limit has not yet been clearly defined, handbooks say her limit is approximately 2 tons), immortality and limitless stamina


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iscott_summers Report | 12/14/2011 12:41 pm
"..yes I trust you, em." Scott smiled.
iscott_summers Report | 12/13/2011 4:59 pm
Holding her gently Scott smiled. "I was worried about you also. There is a spot on the X-men if you want it."
Kitty aka Shadowcat Report | 12/12/2011 11:28 pm
Kitty aka Shadowcat
"Oh, sorry about that," said Kitty apologetically. sweatdrop "It's a habit... so umm... what did you need my help with?"
Kitty aka Shadowcat Report | 12/12/2011 6:41 pm
Kitty aka Shadowcat
"Like, what do you need me to do?" asked Kitty.
iscott_summers Report | 12/12/2011 6:30 pm
"How you been Emma?" Scott wanted to give her a hug and never let her go but instead he smiled.
Kitty aka Shadowcat Report | 12/11/2011 11:59 pm
Kitty aka Shadowcat
Upon hearing a familiar voice that she had not heard in quite some time, Kitty turns around to face Emma. "Oh hello. It is good to see you too. Like, what brings you here?"
Jean Phoenix Grey Report | 12/11/2011 10:19 pm
Jean Phoenix Grey
You must have been busy with other things then, I expected more. Also, someone more attractive. I mean really Emma, he's not exactly an...attractive man.
Kitty aka Shadowcat Report | 12/11/2011 10:18 pm
Kitty aka Shadowcat
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Jean Phoenix Grey Report | 12/11/2011 10:11 pm
Jean Phoenix Grey
Seduced any married men lately?
Jean Phoenix Grey Report | 12/11/2011 4:56 pm
Jean Phoenix Grey
Hello Emma!