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Real Name: Jean Grey
Categorization: Mutant

Aliases: Marvel Girl, Redd Dayspring, Phoenix
Nationality: American

Powers and Abilities:
telepath able to read minds, project thoughts, send out her astral form, and manipulate thoughts to control minds, cast illusions, and alter memories;
telekinetic able to lift, direct, and manipulate physical objects, project psionic force blasts, generate force fields, and fly

Jean Phoenix Grey

Jean Phoenix Grey's avatar

Birthday: 01/03


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Jubilaxion Report | 01/03/2014 10:22 am
whee Happy Birthday Jean! whee
Ororo Munroe Tchalla Report | 12/17/2011 9:06 pm
Ororo Munroe Tchalla
"Hello Jean. It's good to see you again." Storm says with a warm smile.
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard Report | 12/14/2011 6:25 am
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard
Hmm? Away? How so?
Celtic Enigma Report | 12/13/2011 10:51 am
Celtic Enigma
Not expecting anyone to bother him today or surprise him, Logan made his way about the area before a commonly recognizable and familiar face would show up about the place, Jean Grey. Stopping in his tracks and turning around, Logan almost had a look of shock on his face, last time he remembered Jean was gone and Logan had to put her down. His own claws through her stomach.. his own hands cut her down. Yet still she arose in front of him and acted like nothing happened. "J..Jean?" Logan stammered a bit, still taken back by all this and unsure of what to do, Logan started forward and embraced her in a close hug, head on her shoulder and eyes shut tightly. She was back.
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard Report | 12/13/2011 6:43 am
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard
Yes My dear. I am. What about you?
l Garbage l Report | 12/12/2011 12:06 pm
l Garbage l
What are you epilogue on about?
If it's death you wish I can arrange that easily.
~Her gears just above his geen tinted eye rose as if he
were confused on the subject. As his skin like side followed the other.
He revealed his teeth clenching them.~
Emma Diamond Frost Report | 12/11/2011 10:30 pm
Emma Diamond Frost
I believe myself to be in quite a slump, Believe it or not that man was a mistake and not worth my time.
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard Report | 12/11/2011 10:19 pm
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard
Oh, dear, I'm not bad. People misconstrue my boyish charms as evil at times. But I promise I'm not evil.
Emma Diamond Frost Report | 12/11/2011 10:12 pm
Emma Diamond Frost
Last week it was Norman Osborn, What about you?
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard Report | 12/11/2011 10:10 pm
Loki Laufeyson of Asgard
I am called Loki, mi'lady. *Takes her hand and kisses it gently*



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