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Birthday: 02/11


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Name- Adella
Location- Edinburgh, Scotland
Age- 16
Height- 5'5"
Weight- Lets not go there....>:I

Creativity is the force that keeps this world spinning
Music is the art that keeps my heart beating
any concrete, fat beat will do,
but Techno is what I was born to dance to
My friends are my life, I would go to the ends of the Earth for them,
Im there through thick and thin.
Friends I make today become friends for life.
Uniqueness. A beautiful thing.
Who am I? Adella.
I draw at 30,000 ft above sea level. I like to see the world
I eat oreos, brownies, ice cream, and teddy grahms,
I have a sweet tooth
I wear makeup, its fun and pretty
Im a goober, find me someone who isn't.
I love to laugh!
making people lol makes my world a little brighter
I love sexin' up hair, the bigger the better
Sure I may look 16, but Im a child at heart

I am who I am, your approval isn't needed ;P

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-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 07/13/2021 6:58 pm
Ella Egg Salad <3 I miss you
XGogeta1233X Report | 06/23/2017 1:12 am
You'll probably never see this, but omg. I just logged onto this for a nostalgia trip and read through literally all my comments. It was a trip. I think you drew me some avatar art or something at one point haha. Anyway, hope everything is going well with you!
Leek Massacre Report | 08/09/2010 11:20 am
Leek Massacre
hey :3 could itrade my omfg for your animated blush?
-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 03/03/2010 4:01 pm
XD And my mom was bashing on him for looking a anime porn.
-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 02/25/2010 7:08 pm
XD My Dad got all freaked out because he typed in "Avatar" into google, and it brought up prono-avatar characters.
He was like "WHAT THE HELL! O_O"
Cookiez555 Report | 02/11/2010 3:21 pm
you welcome (:
Cookiez555 Report | 02/10/2010 9:15 pm
happy bday!!! smile
-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 01/09/2010 1:47 am
oh, I see. I wonder why your pictures come out so small...
-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 01/08/2010 5:28 pm
xD That's okay! ^-^

Lol, I don't use Deivantart... Haha, I rate my shet a 5 stars too. xD
-Digital-Cupcake- Report | 01/08/2010 5:17 pm
I know... XD You already sent me that.
I really liked it! 8D