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X About Me X

Uah... personal description, huh?
At the first moment I might be a lil bit shy and boring, but the more you spend your time chatting/talking with me, the more I drive you crazy biggrin
I'm a really reliable person, if you have problems you can talk to me and I won't despise you or something. Some friends told me, that I would be a perfect therapist XD I just put on my glasses and say "Mhm, and what are you feeling when you...?".
I have the habit, to often talk nonsense and to suddenly drop stupid things into a serious conversation. At some things I'm very stubborn and then I won't change my mind so quickly.
If you have noticed some grammatical mistakes in this text, I have the excuse that I'm not a native speaker; my mother tongue is german.

I often spend my time with my friends, internet, drawing, reading etc... and saying "BANG!".
I enjoy reading mangas and at home I have (only) nearly 120 mangas... what a blemish XD My favorites are Hellsing, Black Cat and Silver Diamond - I'm a little Shonen-ai fangirl, but Yaoi is just... bäh (it means: disgusting :/ ). If you know some brutal, but also funny mangas, let me know! I need some new stuff...

Outside of the internet I'm something between 39 and 45 hours the week in school, so I haven't very much spare time (plus I need 3 hours for the school and homeway - all in all-)- at weekends I'm working at my grandmothers restaurant. But I really enjoy my school, even if it straims a lot of my time, I love it! Now I'm in a higher educational school for Fashion and Art (No panic, I'm in the Art-direction XD)and in 3 years I'm finished, then I may work as a ceramicist, carpenter, smith or something with visual designing - I'm looking forward to it.

At home there are some persons and animals waiting for me. My fat and edacious turtle Herakles, my crazy and with-blank-beer-cans-playing dog Sokrates, my often screaming cat "Katze" and my three sweet snailes (Achatina fulica) who have no names. As you can see, I don't mention my family on purpose, because I better get along with my pets than them.
Sometimes humen are stupid and priggish. At those times I like animals more than humen. Curious, isn't it? But of course there are some exceptions - my friends, both in internet and in real life - I can't exist without them.

I forgot something important, I think. My name XD
Alexandra. But, please never call me so. Just call me Alex.

X German/Austrian Commercial X

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Wir der Titel sagt *nach unten deut* sind hier alle deutschsprachigen Leute Willkommen und ich, wie auch die anderen, würden sich freuen mal wieder ein paar Neue zu Gesicht zu bekommen!
Hier kann man einfach über alles labern was man will, auch gibt es genügend Forenspiele und etwas zum Goldabzocken, schaut doch einfach mal vorbei~

Scheiss die Wand an - A German Guild

X Arts I've Received X

Coming soon.

X Some Pictures I Made X

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X Rest In Peace's and Alive's X

R.I.P: Nami Inaba
Join Date: 5/13/2008
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R.I.P: Curious Nami
Join Date: 10/7/2008
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R.I.P: Shiki Without Bandage [MULE-Account]
Join Date: 10/28/2008

R.I.P: Shikilein [MULE-Account]
Join Date: 11/16/2008
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R.I.P: iDemonizer
Join Date: 11/28/2008
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R.I.P: Insect Attack
Join Date: 2/14/2009
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Alive: Eintagsfliege [ex-MULE-Account, has been given as a "present" from a friend]
Join Date: 1/30/2008 [But in use since 3/11/2009]
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Bloody Parasol Report | 04/27/2011 11:14 pm
Bloody Parasol
love the avi! ^_^
Paperworm Report | 11/11/2010 4:05 pm
Wirklich ein dämonischer Avi : D
xAcidDollx Report | 08/16/2010 10:58 am
alex hey wie gehts dir : D
Nerd Wrecker Report | 07/28/2010 11:37 pm
Nerd Wrecker
Pff, passiert. ^^
Serenay Milford Report | 07/28/2010 2:31 am
Serenay Milford
Ups xD Ich dachte,dass wärst du gewesen~
Nerd Wrecker Report | 07/25/2010 6:39 am
Nerd Wrecker
Ähm, ja. Ich bin Bonk. xD
Nerd Wrecker Report | 07/25/2010 5:32 am
Nerd Wrecker
Hi. Na wie gehts? ^^
Sangius Report | 07/21/2010 12:22 pm
joa ma guggen ^^, erstmal muss ich mich noch durch die klausuren kämpfen, dann guck ich ma biggrin
Bonk Jenkins Report | 06/20/2010 11:44 am
Bonk Jenkins
Oh schade...
Naja trotzdem danke und mein Beileid. D:
Bonk Jenkins Report | 06/12/2010 10:21 am
Bonk Jenkins
Na wie siehts mit dem Bild aus? :3


Visit our german guild... eh... if you speak german XD
Scheiss die Wand an - A German Guild
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Want to draw me? PM ME!
It's hard to tell the difference between a genius and a fool


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