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Me and my Beloved Alice~


I am the leader of the Vanguard's espionage division, and I am one of the main antagonists in Dawn of the New World. I am simple man who cares little for the current conflict. I fight with a giant broadsword larger than myself that I carry in a giant coffin. Despite my noticeable good looks, I have sworn to give my heart to my beloved Alice.I do everything for Alice, does including joining the Vanguard. Even if I am aware that Alice finds me repulsive charming, I am willing to follow her to the end of the world. I am first introduced in my true form in Flanoir where I is praying to get Alice to fall in love with me. I apparently reek of Eau De Seduction, a horrible wonderful smelling cologne.

The Blood Purging of Palmacosta was originally thought to be caused by Lloyd Irving, but it is later revealed that the criminal was truly me in a disguise. Towards the end of the game, after his last battle with Alice, Emil tries to killAlice to protect Marta, but at the last moment, I protect Alice by taking the full blow of the attack. Just before I die I say I love her and Alice realizes that she loves me too. In the end we both die, lying next to each other while Emil regrets his choice.

In a side quest that centers on Alice and myself, it is revealed that me and Alice were both orphans who lived in Hima. Eight years before the game, I was accused of robbing some travellers. As it turns out, the culprit was the orphanage owner's son, but no one believed me, and so the travellers attacked me. Just before they killed me, demons attacked the orpahange and it was burned to the ground in the disaster killing many of the people inside. It was then revealed Alice made a pact with a demon to save me, and she learned to summon and control demons and monsters because of this. Since that day, I swore my heart to Alice as repayment for saving his life, however Alice rejected me. I saw this as the only way of repaying her for saving his life. The Orphanage remains can be seen in Hima were the graveyard is. However, in the original Tales of Symphonia, when the player go to the Nifilhiem book optional dungeon, it is revealed that when Lloyd's group burned the book, it destroyed the pact Alice had with the demons and thus explains why she needs machines to control monsters now. Upon revealing these details to the party, they try to tell me my life of my own and I could change my ways; however, I state that I will only live only for Alice. The group saddened by this, then they realize that though I have done terrible things, I should not be viewed as pure evil, which is how they had regarded had for the majority of the game prior.

This is a side account.


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Vacuus Dante Report | 04/30/2010 5:41 pm
Vacuus Dante
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Hey! Decus.
StarShard Xigbar Report | 04/28/2010 10:14 am
StarShard Xigbar
Awesome ; ) Hey thar decus >3
--Winters-Cruel-Fate-- Report | 03/22/2010 4:21 pm
awesome cosplay of Decus!
iSadisticCutie Report | 03/03/2010 2:51 pm
-mumblemumble- Those little brats may be even more annoying then you. Okay, you can stay.
iSadisticCutie Report | 12/29/2009 6:40 pm
I was doing just fine untill you came! Poo-y!~
iSadisticCutie Report | 11/30/2009 4:31 pm
*walks past you* What is that... *sniff* Oh. Decus. =^= *wants to ask how he's doing* What are you messing up this time?
Intergalactic_Mistake Report | 10/03/2009 6:17 am
Wow That's an Awesome Avi ya got there! I hope it dosn't Smell~

Add me!
Mikleo the Water Seraph Report | 08/16/2009 12:53 am
Mikleo the Water Seraph
yo decus^^
Mikleo the Water Seraph Report | 08/11/2009 12:59 am
Mikleo the Water Seraph
hi decus,plz add me
iLloyd Irving Report | 08/03/2009 9:37 am
iLloyd Irving

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