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Prompto Argentunn Report | 09/28/2015 1:22 pm
Prompto Argentunn
hey dude, sup didn't see your comment my bad...
XxCablexX Report | 07/21/2015 11:15 am
Anyone care to step through the door?
Jean A Grey Report | 07/10/2015 9:28 am
Jean A Grey
There was just something about that school boy shyness in Scott that always made Jean think he's cute. Course, she knew that he didn't like being called cute. Guys aren't cute, they're handsome, enough said! "Sounds good to me, Scott." Nodding her head in agreement, "Any particular time, that you'd like to meet at?"
Jean A Grey Report | 07/09/2015 3:00 pm
Jean A Grey
"That is true, training to keep on top of things is always good." Leaning back in her office chair, as she listened to Scott ask her what her plans were later on. "As far as I know I'm not doing anything. Something on your mind, Scott?" Both eyebrows rose up slightly in curiosity, as she watched Scott display some shyness then. Resisting the urge to giggle, her smile remaining.
Salem Turner Report | 07/08/2015 12:19 am
Salem Turner
I'm on your page? I'm so flattered. smile
Pheromone Vixen Report | 07/01/2015 8:36 am
Pheromone Vixen
((I'm fine? Why you ask?))
Pheromone Vixen Report | 06/29/2015 7:45 pm
Pheromone Vixen
"Long enough to repair the bonds I have with them." she said as she then left for a final word. "Scott, you are terrific." she smirked as she then left the room, walking down the corridor with her heels tapping away at the carpet.
Pheromone Vixen Report | 06/29/2015 2:21 am
Pheromone Vixen
Emma pulled herself away from the wall as she let a sigh escape her crimson red lips. "Well, we need a leader, otherwise we will be confused, disorginazed, and afraid, and I know you can pull it off even if it means that you have to do a few changes in life." She went over to the window to look out over the school. "Anywho, I'm gonna take my Cuckoos out for some quality time, you'll call if you need me, yes?" she said as she looked back at him, she started to head towards the exit of the room.
Jean A Grey Report | 06/27/2015 8:49 pm
Jean A Grey
Setting her glasses down beside the keyboard, she provided a comforting smile his way. Noticing a few droplets of sweat had dripped past his hairline. "Looks like someone, must of had a good time in the danger room." Scott must have had a really intensive training session, for him to break a sweat. Then again he was always a hard core, workout partner in the danger room sessions they had back in the day. "Remember to take a break every now and then. So? What's on your agenda for the rest of the afternoon?"
Pheromone Vixen Report | 06/27/2015 7:01 pm
Pheromone Vixen
Emma answered simply. "We would." she said with a weak smile passing her lips. "Even a leader needs a timeout sometimes." she leaned against a wall as she removed her gloves. "Take some time off, eat your favourite food, go see a friend, visit your favourite place, etc." she suggested to him, they had a rocky past, and of course Emma still cared about his wellbeing.


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