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Reineu Report | 03/31/2020 11:47 pm
wowous Report | 02/18/2020 3:43 am
I'm also alive.
Reineu Report | 02/17/2020 8:15 pm
emotion_heartbroken emotion_heartbroken emotion_heartbroken emotion_heartbroken emotion_heartbroken
Tartaglia Report | 02/17/2020 8:11 pm
wow f** off scream
Sora Overdrive Report | 02/17/2020 7:20 pm
Sora Overdrive
ew you're online. Go fast and get some food plee
Reineu Report | 02/15/2020 3:56 pm
Tartaglia Report | 12/05/2018 7:10 pm
HELLA R00D AF!!!!!!! ill fk u up at smash. pit more like ANGEL UKE SORA. what the actual ******** does it mean??????
yo i cant date who gets allergies to the cats.
Tartaglia Report | 12/05/2018 2:35 pm
Lmao I cant hate you but ily. No homo.
Alisaie LeveilIeur Report | 12/04/2018 8:03 pm
Alisaie LeveilIeur
Noku did do it on purpose I'm sure lol
I'll pray for you if Noku kills you. Rip

I'm doing well!!
Still trying to get used to Gaia again since I recently came back from a long hiatus;; Tho I'm going back to semi hiatus soon due to an upcoming con I have to get ready for. I should really learn not to procrastinate until the last month sweatdrop
How about you?
A Darker Shade of Red Report | 12/04/2018 2:10 pm
A Darker Shade of Red
Ain't nothin changed but the weather Bart. Work, Life, Back to work


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