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Hi biggrin My name is Arvin Jalbuena,15 years old . Im a fan of anime's. And I draw much dramallama
likes Drawing rofl
likes Reading Mannga mrgreen
likes Watching Anime rofl
likes supeer dupper Cute Girls 4laugh
likes Playing computer games/internet burning_eyes
hates Math subjects stressed
hates cockroach and maggots twisted
hates bully people scream
I Love Muay Thai
likes animals 3nodding
likes Innocent girls talk2hand
hates my big brother stressed
likes pizza razz
likes Asian lol
likes heart Elizabeth Panerio heart (love you)
I love eating
Im the guy who recieves Misfortune ALWAYS
I hate Emo (These Suck)
Im quite tall,white and not handsome (my opinion)

Anyone who has FB(Facebook) add me !
and please go to this website, add him as friend please
and please play this game razz

My Dream Avi



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FluffyPinkChaos Report | 07/15/2016 8:05 am
Happy Birthday!
Angel_Candy me Report | 11/11/2011 9:28 pm
Angel_Candy me
Sorry, I haven't been on gaia for a while. Yes I do avi art. They start from 50k and up. Just depends on the style and detail. Send me a picture or info of items for the avi and I will send a price ok ?
Lolita~Samurai Report | 09/18/2011 8:42 pm
Sure, that's no problem!
Frosted Shark Report | 09/18/2011 11:59 am
Frosted Shark
thanks pretty hair :3
Deviruka Report | 09/17/2011 7:37 pm
Not at the moment. Sorry sweatdrop
Lolita~Samurai Report | 09/17/2011 7:41 am
I usually only do free avatar art for people I've found in the forums. That way I can do them when I have enough time. I'm sorry but I'll have to decline your request for now, I'm swamped and extremely busy.
Epic Soldier Report | 09/11/2011 6:49 am
Epic Soldier
hey,i'm good and you?what are you doing? whee
princess_leemz786 Report | 07/31/2011 10:40 pm
Heyaa ,, im fine thanks heart
Ghozt Pendulum Report | 07/13/2011 11:48 am
Ghozt Pendulum
Duh hellooooooooo~

well in ur question about the avatar
maybe it depends on your Layout i think
im not sure but when i puta my avatar
i put the code then like space down a bit then codes again
as much as i want but to me maybe its cause of ur layout~
well if im wrong then nvm xD!!
HEYY I ADD YOU IN FB W8 my request name is
Proffesor Dreii
lllANDYlll Report | 06/09/2011 5:00 am
cool man......i love kung fu



I'll never forget you ! Thanks.

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