My interests to share or not to share....Oh well who cares.

My Passion:

I am a lover of anime. I don't have any particular favorite, there's just too many to list.
I tend to like anime that have beautiful, fluent, and unique artwork. I have a very open mind so I tend to like almost all genres and love to be introduced to some lesser known titles. I love works that have action in them, sometimes I do like it when anime does have some romantic conflicts, etc. However, I do not like girly, mushy, gushy, cutesy anime. I also particularly like anime with excellent storylines and plot points, good character development, comedy and so on. If an anime doesn't have at least some or all of these charcteristics (particularly good storylines and artwork) I will not take notice of it or watch it. If one wants to know about the anime I like to watch, all you have to do is ask, and I'll tell you. Just don't ask which is my favorite, I have a hard time choosing >_<. Despite loving anime, I tend to prefer reading the mangas a lot more.

Favorite movies:

Hmm that would have to be comic book/superhero movies such as that of the Marvel franchise, all the Batman movies (that includes the 90's movies haha as corny as they are ^_^) and movies with a lot of action, suspense, and thrills.
I don't particularly like chick flicks and gushy love stories so don't expect me to know anything about them.

What I watch on t.v.:

I don't tend to watch much t.v. anymore, there are only very few shows I like to watch.
My favorite shows to watch on t.v. are
Smallville, NCIS, House, Criminal Minds, Ghost Adventures, Fairly Oddparents (I know it's a kid show,but I like to watch it when I am bored),Avengers, and so on.

What I read:

I tend to read a lot of manga, and I mean a lot. Anything from Shounen to Horror to Ecchi to all sorts of stuff. I have a very open mind so I like to read a lot of different genres and I like to read and find out about manga that is lesser known. However, I am a stickler on artwork and storylines/plot points, if the manga has crappy artwork and ridiculous stroylines, I won't read it.
I also tend to prefer reading mangas usually over watching anime, although there are a few exceptions.


I like to read a lot of differ genres in books as well stuff that deal with the supernatural, fantasy, folklore, Sci-Fi, adventure, action, magic, and so on.

Favorite Band/Music:

I don't Have a favorite music group or band, nor do I have a favorite genre. Once again, if you haven't figured it out already, I have a tough time choosing and tend to like a wide variety of differ genres.
But if I had too choose to listen to a specific type, it would have to be rock, hands down. I love rock music whether it's Japanese or American.
However, I do not like Country, Rap and Hip-Hop, and despite liking most rock genres, I do not really care for Heavy Metal or Screamo, but there is one exception to this, I do love the band Maximum The Hormone.


I like to draw, listen to music, sing and create my own music (this is private so don't ask ^_^), and I am fascinated with photography. I really enjoy taking pictures.
Most of my free time, when I am not at work or doing homework for school, I am usually at my desk watching anime, reading manga,sketching, or sitting and listening to music.


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A bit about me, for those who reeeaaallly, reaaaaaalllllllyyyyy want to know

Hmm, What to say, what to Say..... How about this. I am someone who tends to be a loner. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and would do anything for them, but I am the type of character who feels comfort in solitude. However, even if I don't know you, I will be polite while secretly scheming your demise, just kidding! But really, I like to be polite even to those I do not know ^_^! Note that I will never disrespect another intentionally, and if I do, just tell me and I will sure enough apologize. I hate hurting other people's feelings or knowing that they're hurting in some way which leads to a bad habit of mine which is apologizing or saying sorry for every little thing even if it's not my fault.

As I said, I tend to stick to myself but if any harm, grievance or any such goes towards that of my friends/family, this usually laid back creature will hunt those responsible down without rest. I care greatly for those who are important to me. How I would probably deal with these people varies. Either I will destroy them, hehe bazooka time >_<, completely ignore them >_>, sick killer rabbits on them, or something along those lines. Get to know me and you'll find out that I can be a trustworthy friend, I'll listen to problems but keep in mind that if I feel you are at fault, I will tell you.

I am very laid back and easy going, I can be funny (at least I think so that's all that counts right, haha ^_^), if you are one of my friends know that I do value the friendship, even If I don't ever chat or talk to you. That is just how I am, I don't like to talk all that much. That's about it, i think maybe eventually I may put more about me here later on, maybe remove some. Maybe, or maybe not, depends on whether I feel like it or not. I am a very indecisive creature, >_>.

Good Day, ^_^!!!!!!!!


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