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Before you ask... yes, my first name is actually Chris. I created this account back when Gaia Online first started, but I don't get on it every day. In fact, I don't even get on it every month. Anyone is welcome to contact me, for any reason... except if you're going to whine about me having a username that you wanted... in which case you're just a noob, and will never be happy no matter what you have. smile

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VlTO Report | 09/02/2020 1:23 pm
yoo you are the owner of the TIDUS account? awesome one bro
Splodges Report | 02/10/2020 10:40 pm
Hello~ It's been a while. I've been doing alright. I hope all is well on your end. 3nodding
Splodges Report | 07/04/2017 10:43 am
Happy Birthday~
Temperance Goddess Report | 12/21/2016 6:50 am
Temperance Goddess
That outfit though razz
Splodges Report | 11/30/2016 12:26 pm
Oo that's awesome. I've been online shopping a lot. Trying to get gifts for a couple of people.~

What kind of company did ya'll start up?

I was job hunting, but am now taking a break since I've applied to all that I could here in town. I'm glad you're doing well~ ^.^
Splodges Report | 11/24/2016 10:16 am
Hii!! Yes I remember you! I'm glad that you're doing so well. Happy Turkey Day to you as well!~ What have you been up to? It's been a long while. emotion_hug
Splodges Report | 11/23/2016 1:55 pm
HEYYY!!! How have you been doing?
Splodges Report | 06/24/2013 8:45 pm
In case I forget..Happy Early Birthday~<33
Splodges Report | 04/16/2013 1:24 pm
Miss you dude!! I hope all is well for ya. ^.^
Minneapolis Report | 12/03/2012 10:32 am
I love your name cause its my name. smile

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