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Gender: Female

Location: Floreeda

Birthday: 07/30/1991

Stuff About Moi~!

Updated Status: Dark gray skies with isolated thunder storms all afternoon long....

Favorite Quote: Our love is much like that of a collectible. It's value increases in time, and it might even become more desired and envied by those who do not have it ...

Importante┬┤ Information:
Can I message you? ~Sure but don't be random.
Can I be your friend? ~Only if I have talked to you beforehand.
Can I draw you avvie art? ~Of course! I would love you forever. >_>
Will you draw me avvie art? ~If I have time and you intrigue me, perhaps. :3
Will you donate to me? ~Do not ask. If I want to donate, I will. I am seriously not a walking gold/item bank.

Ailema Ai- Romance items <3 Demonic Anklets, GSS Top, Sacred Leaf
President Shinra- Red Rose Corsage for V-day. ^3^
Semafi- Spring Green Kimono <333
Curious-Spider- Cans
Nocebo- Konfuzed Rainbow Toe Sox
Venomous Gazer- Random Starter Items when I was a noob. xD
Kelly Chan XD- Gwee, Pajamas
IfTheseBulletsCouldTalk- December Birthstone Crown <333
Dearest <3- Distance Rod Plus, 10 A Bait, 17 armadillos, 30 floaties

The owner of this Account is commonly referred to as Chiya on Gaia but is also known as Stephi(Steph) or Mezu(Art Alias). She is a serious but also goofy person who cares about the environment(hence her career choice in the Marine Biology Field), her kitties, her friends and the people in the world who need help. She tends to go insane around 'stupid' people or those lacking common sense.

You might see her cosplaying at an anime convention or working in an Anime Booth around Florida. If you do see her, make sure to wave frantically and say hello. It helps if you tell her that your from Gaia. xD

Likes: RPG games, DDR, anime, manga, photography, SCUBA diving, dissecting marine animals, handling chemicals and lab materials, movies, cooking, eating, sleeping, computers, music, raves, anime conventions, art(visit site), treats, encouragement, knowledgeable people, cosplay, reading, fashion, writing stories or novels, RPing online, etc.

Dislikes: Most slimy and stenchy foods, idiotic people or those without common sense, people who conceitedly exaggerate, yaoi, confusing games, big dogs, most chocolate, bad animes, bad dubs, Rabid anime fans with bad BO and no lives, people who damage our environment, pointless construction, barriers around my goals, plot bunnies, the female 'cycle', etc.



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BGG_43 Report | 08/17/2010 11:54 am
cool avi
death_to the nub Report | 12/30/2009 7:17 am
death_to the nub
hi there i wuv yews profile and yews avi is kool btw when yew read the part about brom and eragon were yew confused to
Amemya Report | 07/30/2009 6:28 am
Happy Birthday <333
Leudwig Report | 07/20/2009 12:42 pm
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Ookameh Report | 07/03/2009 11:39 pm
O_O aw man.. i might need to buy her some
Ookameh Report | 07/03/2009 11:30 pm
oooooh.... i got her some already i think.. and set up her tank.. don't forget to visit overseer
Ookameh Report | 07/03/2009 11:26 pm
haha i wondered who was on chiyaku.. hiiii >.< dami tired
Ookameh Report | 07/03/2009 11:22 pm
-poke poke- hiiiii
Semafi Report | 06/20/2009 8:51 pm
Stephiiiiiiiiiiii sad
Ookameh Report | 01/30/2009 9:19 pm
u txt me? wen? no u don't bum
Ailema Ai

You and me, baby, we are mammals...

User Image
Total Value: 109,550 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Roco Rochel Costume Earrings
Natural Coral Pendant
Demonic Anklets
Blush Clown Makeup (high)
Gold Promise Ring
Red Stockings
Powdered Sugarplum Tiara
Gothic Veil
Gift of the Goddess
Flashion Purple Shoes
G-LOL Bruise Mistress Skirt

User Image
Total Value: 145,743 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Luck o' the Gairish
Citrus Snug Slip-On Sneakers
Gwee the Dragon
Spring Green Kimono
Sacred Leaf

User Image
Total Value: 89,295 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Violet Bubbles Tankini Bottom
Shadow Spirit
Purple Nurse Skirt
Light Violet Scarf
Light Purple Leg Warmers
Knot Purple Top
Flashion Purple Shoes
Flashion Purple Star Stockings
Celestial Wrap
Blue Strapless Bra

Pickles wants you >:3