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Careless Kim Report | 11/24/2023 2:22 am
Lol 😆.
Careless Kim Report | 11/23/2023 8:39 am
Then you might enjoy Hogwarts as well, it really open world and you get to fly around. I'm getting the new God of War for Christmas, so I will be playing that in the new year.
Careless Kim Report | 11/13/2023 6:28 pm
I hear ya. I just beat the story line for Hogwsrts, the boyfriend has been play Spider-man 2 and I have played a little bit. I still haven't started BG3 yet.
Careless Kim Report | 11/04/2023 1:28 pm
That really too bad, because they are really awesome.
Careless Kim Report | 10/30/2023 5:06 pm
I'm really enjoying it. Lots of fun puzzles and cool creatures. If your a Harry Potter fan then I would highly recommend it.
Careless Kim Report | 10/23/2023 2:43 pm
I just bought that, but I'm currently playing Hogwarts.
Careless Kim Report | 10/23/2023 2:05 am
What video game have you been playing?
Careless Kim Report | 10/17/2023 10:37 am
Long time no see.
Careless Kim Report | 07/09/2023 4:35 am
I've either get good stuff or paper,lol.
Careless Kim Report | 07/07/2023 8:34 am
I also Dumpster Dive a lot, and sometimes get some cool items.


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