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Alsaeida Ao Report | 04/10/2024 10:34 pm
 Alsaeida Ao
Thanks for buying from my store pls revisit again soon
Areweeffingserious Report | 04/08/2024 11:31 am
Love that individual. Haven't seen them compete though. 3nodding
Areweeffingserious Report | 04/08/2024 11:19 am
Well maybe next time I'll make it more challenging for ya, lol; I think you won't get the trophy for like three months or something. Depends how backed up the devs are. You won though right?
Areweeffingserious Report | 04/08/2024 11:15 am
Hey hey; Did you get your gold bassken? razz
Fe3lz Report | 02/19/2024 6:25 pm
Hey do what feels right, you never know who will like it. Thats what I do, just do what I like and hope others do to.
Fe3lz Report | 02/19/2024 5:25 pm
See ya later, it was fun chatting, I was off making coffee when you left lol.
Fe3lz Report | 02/19/2024 3:40 pm
they biting good on your side
Persephone360 Report | 02/12/2024 7:12 pm
heart heart Thanks for buying! heart heart
garlic dead Report | 02/08/2024 4:24 pm
garlic dead
thank you for buying! emotion_kiss
Jeonx Report | 02/04/2024 8:46 pm
thanks for the purchase!


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I've been a member of Gaia sense the early 2000's, I met my husband on here and we fell in love and met in real life and got married a few years ago. We both still like to get on here on occasion I'm really sad that I can't talk in any of the games chats or play zOMG any more! Still having fun with the Runway and posting stuff in guild role play forums from time to time! heart

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