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why I am not nude


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Things you Must know about me!

I am a Litertarian, lost more in words than in the real world. I am in love with blue berry ice cream. My most favorite thing to do in the whole world is write. I'm a nice guy. I love Doctor Who. I'm in college. There's only the one thing you need to know. We can always be friends.

-Thank you Fosters for fixing my profile.

P.S. I also have a superpower. It's extreme luck. It makes me exceptional in poker.

A Sample of My Writing

Blazer escaped the cruel world of the water with a sudden burst of energy. He would have called it his love for his friends and Rose, but it didn't really end as well as it should have. He shot out of the water and landed on an island (or perhaps it was an isle, he had never really learned the difference) that was no bigger than a van. And he had to share the land with a tree that was only a few feet taller than him. After a while he just started talking to the tree, and the delirium made it talk back.
“How long do you think we've been here?” Blazer asked while skipped a spark across the ocean and looked up to the top of the tree.
“Well I've been here a couple of years. You've only been here for two days. To be fairly honest I would have liked to keep my private resort to myself! Would it be so hard for you to just fly away? You are a superhero aren’t you?”
“You don't have to be so mean. I'm only going to be here for a few days, and then I'll leave. And calm down, I can’t fly right now. What are you, a naked pine tree, because you’re spineless?” A gust of wind blew a fruit from the tree, and it slammed into Blazer's head. He was sure that it was an act of violence. The tree never did really like the man being there.
“You're only going to be here for a maximum of three days. At that point in time the water will rise and you'll be stranded at sea. Hopefully you'll get eaten by a giant flying killer albino large-tooth shark that spits acid.”
“That doesn't even exist,” Blazer said. The air around his face was starting to crackle with static while his anger was rising to incredible heights, but since his personality switch under the water, he was more controlled.
“One can only hope that his mortal enemy will be eaten by a mythical creature.” Blazer was about to explode, and it was only going to take one more sentence to set him off. “I can always hope.” Blazer dug in the canister attached to his belt and pulled a marble-sized explosive from it.
“This is actual fire, and now there is no hope.” The man flicked the sphere up into the tree. It wasn't going to light without fire, or something that was just as unreasonably hot. “Since we've been here together for quite some time, I decided to be a nice guy and I'll just let the sun light it.”
“Whose spineless now?” Blazer swatted the comment away, and sleep took him over, and he drifted away. I hope Rose forgives me.
“Wake up,” a voice said from the distance. Blazer turned over in the hot sand and he swatted the voice away like a fly. “If you don't wake up I'm going to kick you in the ribs.” The sleeping man wouldn't wake up still, so the voice went to kick him in the ribs. Blazer grabbed the foot of the voice and burned a hole in it. Then he sat up when he heard a sound like a girl screaming. The voice and the screaming girl turned out to be Agent Ex.
“What did I ever do to you?” Agent Ex shouted. He rubbed his burnt foot and glared at Blazer.
“Smokey the Bear once said, ‘don’t mess with a sleeping fire, or it will bite back.’ Or maybe it was that other bear with the red shirt talking about honey. I don’t really recall very well.” Blazer sniffed the air, and he could make out just a hint of smoke mixed in. He licked his dry lips. Fire hadn’t touched his lips in four days. However, when he looked around he didn’t see his demonic tree friend aflame. Instead he saw only a rising column of smoke.
The heat had made him forget that he had eaten all but one of the fire spheres. He almost ate an acid one by mistake, and then right as it touched his lips he realized that he couldn’t eat acid. When he intended to burn his enemy to the ground, he actually only threw a smoking sphere.
“You’re dumber than your hair makes you look, which is saying something,” The tree said. The hero kicked the tree and it bent over. Blazer’s intensive victory made him chuckle, then the tree came back and hit in the face. “Actually I am a Hawaiian Punch tree.” Agent Ex was a little confused at the ordeal.


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Thank you for your patronage. *bows*
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.・゜-: ✧ :-thanks for buying my item -: ✧ :-゜・.
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Haha, thank you, BJ c: You're always awesome for me XD~
Melancholy Flauer Report | 02/02/2013 6:55 am
I missed you too D; And what the hell is wrong with Meebo? Lololol.
It feels like a year since we've talked, or is it just me?
When you're on just PM and we shall let the OMGPOP games begin.

Hartlief Report | 01/23/2013 2:52 pm
yum_cupcake Why am I not up on this profile? yum_cupcake
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Hm Really? o.O i dont remember you from anywhere ^_^' not sure why i wouldve been on your ignore list either o:
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Thx for buying!~
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im in anchor bug server by papasaw mill
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Hmm... I used to have two other usernames before Dawnpool and KOS.


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Working Titles For Books

Reign of Darkness
The True Heart Locket
Lightning Bolt and Blazer
The Viral Rift
Shadows of Icons
59 Memories of Love
Dark Skies for a Dark Star
Heroic Boarding School
The Timeless Last Stand
The Dimesional King through the Window
Ventures of the Unknown Author
The Vapiric Ace of Spades
The Golden Guitar's Song
Cinder Allen
Lunar Dawn
The Reflection's Story
Immortal Treasure Hunter
The Tale of How I caught Zapdos
The Lightside of Darkness

I start a lot of things that are hard to finish.

My Problem of the Day is: I cannot catch Zapdos.

Quotes to Smile to And Live by

Odds may not be good. Let me tell you something about odds. Odds are a way to make weak
people give up easily. Nothing easy was ever worth doing. And odds are like stacks, the higher they get,
the more likely they are to fall down.~The Strange One

You can't enjoy a rainbow without a little rain. ~My Grandpa

Pathetic, mortal, weak, these are all words you can use to Describe me, but even
if I am these things, it is not who I amI am a hero. You can beat me, throw me to the ground,
but as long as I stand, I am not defeated, as long as I breathe you have not won. So before
you can destroy my world, I'll have to be on the ground. And I will not give up, so easily. ~Blazer Orion

A hero is not defined by the symbol on his chest, but by the deeds of his heart.~Lightning Bolt

Imagination if more important than knowledge.~Albert E.

The moon isn't made of cheese. The white spots are just zombies. That's why only trained
killers like Neil Armstrong can go to the moon. I mean "Arm" "Strong", he can just punch 'em
And Buzz had himself a chainsaw. It's so obvious.~Me

The name's Book Junky. You can call me Book. My mom was a romance novel, and my dad
was an addict with an imagination. Thus the me was born, and given the name Book-Junky.
I would have it no other way.~Book