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☆ 31
☆ Married.
☆ lolVirginia.
☆ Self-proclaimed Power Ranger.
☆ Laughs at just about anything.
☆ Runs a shitty a** tumblr.
☆ Addicted to tattoos.
☆ Supports Spina bifida awareness.
☆ Doesn't know when to shut up.
☆ Has a hard time articulating what she means.
☆ Laughs way too much.
☆ Likes anime.
☆ Has an odd obsession with wigs.
☆ Wears her heart on her sleeve.
☆ Horribly shy in person.
☆ Likes politics.
☆ Does not like adding random people.
☆ Comes across as moody.
☆ Bitches...about...EVERYTHING!!!!!
☆ Loves her son more than life itself.
☆ Makes up random a** words in person.

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Final Fantasy XIV
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Yukirini Sanada
Misaki Takanashi
Eiji Kazuhiko
Miayoko Takanashi (main)

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