this site is a fever dream

I'm Jacci, and I'm 27. Been here 14 years.

Favorite Anonymous Gifter
Random my love, I'll take you above and beyond;
For you shall soon see that it's of you whom I've grown fond..
The aquatic turquoise hair, you eyes glistening to match,
But I cannot wait any longer lest I collapse..

I'll snatch you up dear, in broad daylight,
then when you next wake it will be by night..
Those robes of yours, delightful as they are,
I long to see beyond them, by far..

I have you with me, together at last;
I'll warn you my love, I do move quite fast..
To start with a gentle caress,
then move to a pelvic thrust, I confess...

And then in the morn, by the new light;
I promise you, that I will not bite..
Perhaps a lick, a croon, or a sigh;
You will not want to bid me

-- Midnight Caller --